Friday, March 13, 2020

What a Crazy Week!

I'm not going into the politics of it but what a crazy week! Things are shutting down left and right and people are shopping like there's no tomorrow. I am definitely not a people person so not being around crowds is fine by me. I'm hoping that will also mean that maybe so many people won't be out and about and things will be quieter. That's one upside for an introvert like me.

Weather wise the week has been blah. There has been sunshine but grey days too. I suppose that's part of spring. I can definitely tell that there is an upshift in the number of brighter days. It does make my mood a little lighter. I was up early again today for another sunrise. I was quite tired yesterday, went to bed early so woke up early and then I started to think about things and - of course - then I couldn't go back to sleep!

I actually remembered to pick up my photos today from the shop so I finished my February pages for my monthly album. I have been meaning to pick up these photos since the beginning of the week and several times have walked into the supermarket meaning to pick them up and walking out without them!

Oh last Saturday I did do my #1day12pics for my online camera club (collage below). On the first Saturday of each month you take 12 photos. It's supposed to be one photo an hour, but these were taken more in two chunks. There are some textures from my walk along the beach on my morning adventure and then from my time sitting in the garden in the afternoon to the moon at night.

I hope everyone had a good week and are staying safe and sane wherever you are in the world! Thanks for all the comments on the last post. Son's progress on heading for his new job is going ahead - so far!


  1. Your pictures are lovely! We've had quite a bit of rain, this week, and more is in the forecast for the weekend and beyond! Maybe it will wash away this virus! Have a good weekend. :)

  2. We're getting more sunny days now so are hopefully moving towards the better weather. Your photos are lovely ... I especially like the texture ones.

  3. Good job on finishing February! Yes, our state is closing's actually sad...people are going crazy...


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