Monday, January 30, 2023

Monday, Monday

It was colder this morning when I woke. It's going to be a cold week in general. I bundled up to take my morning walk. I wasn't too happy as there wasn't supposed to be any precipitation at all but it was snowing. The roads weren't snow covered, but there was a light dusting on them. I can drive on them, but it makes me really anxious. 

I went for my walk. The wind started blowing and it got pretty cold. By the time I left my face was bright red from the cold. I had taken my shopping list on my walk with me and managed to drive okay to the shops. I made the mistake of going back to the large supermarket I went to last week. The shelves were pretty bare. I got a lot of what I needed but there are a couple of things that I couldn't get there. I shall have to go somewhere else later in the week. I've done my meal plan and have enough for a few days at least. 

Tomorrow morning will be even colder. It's going to 8f/-13c when I go for my walk in the morning. It will be a short one as - depending on the wind - it might feel even colder and not safe to stay outside too long. I shall be wearing layers, handwarmers and tomorrow I think double socks and toe warmers. I want to get out tomorrow as my husband is taking my car to work with him on Wednesday to get an oil change and a look over at the mechanic's. The company he works for has a mechanic who does outside work too, so husband is taking the car there. 

I'm pretty sure that by tomorrow the lake where I walk shall be frozen. Most of it was frozen today, but the beavers were keeping a small area open. I saw two of them this morning. 

One beaver kept popping up here. 

And this is by their lodge where they are keeping a small area open. It will be interesting to see tomorrow whether they can still manage to keep it open!

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  1. I guess those beavers knew it was going to get cold when they added new mud to their lodge, last week! Love the pictures of the frozen lake and surrounds! Of course, I am not out walking in the snow and cold! :D Keep warm when you venture out, tomorrow!


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