Wednesday, February 2, 2022

2/2/2022 Groundhog Day

It's 2 2 22 today. My son was the one to mention it. The date would have entirely gone by me lol. It's also Groundhog Day here in the US. Weird superstition/tradition. I knew nothing about it before I came here so I thought I'd share. 

Disclaimer - this is how I understand Groundhog Day. 

Every year on February 2nd in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania a special festival is held for their famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. The festival starts before sunrise. Folklore says that if it is cloudy when Phil emerges from his hole, he will leave his burrow and there will be an early spring. If it is sunny and the groundhog sees his shadow, he will go back into his burrow and there will be six more weeks of winter. Once Phil has made his decision it is said he will tell the president of the Groundhog Club in a secret language called 'Groundhogese'. The president will then let the gathering crowd know. 

It is said that Groundhog Day began as a German custom during the 18th and 19th century and is believed to be influenced by European lore where a badger or bear was used to forecast the coming spring instead of a groundhog. 

This is a photo of Punxsutawney Phil and Groundhog President. 

Well, did Phil see his shadow? Will there be six more weeks of winter? 

He saw his shadow, so we are in for six more weeks of winter. That's not a surprise to those of us who live in Michigan. 

We had quite the snowstorm today. It's still snowing, and we have about 8-9 inches of snow. I stayed indoors except to go outside and put birdseed out for the poor birds who were eating like crazy. Four deer stopped by several times during the day to eat some birdseed. There were two lying down in the snow when I got up this morning. There are several trees at the back of our garden, and I think they were hunkering down back there. 

Husband and son went off to work as usual. When they came home they both worked hard to clear the driveway, pavements in front of our house (as we are required to do) and rake the roof - this is so the snow doesn't build up too much, melt and drip and cause really bad icicles. It took quite a while and - as I said - it's still snowing but hopefully it's winding down. 

33/365 Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 

One of our old Christmas Trees buried in snow. The birds love hiding underneath the bottom of this tree. Made me smile to see such lovely snow and know that I don't have to go out in it!


  1. It sure looks like winter will be around for at least another 6 weeks (if not more!) Love the snow-covered Christmas tree! Stay warm and safe, Sharon. Hope the snow storm ends soon!

  2. I've heard of Groundhog Day but I didn't know what it was or the story behind it so thanks for this.
    The snow looks stunning.

  3. I really, really hope we don't get that amount here!

  4. That is a lot of snow, great picture though. Do the deer often come into your garden or just when the weather is bad?

  5. How lovely to see deer! There's an Irish story about 2nd Feb being bright meaning more winter coming! It's funny how stories go.


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