Monday, February 21, 2022

New Week

 I was going to post yesterday but I wasn't feeling well when we got back from our day out. I'm fine today, but yesterday afternoon and evening I didn't feel well at all. I'm not sure if I overdid things or it was just that I was standing out in the blustering wind for too long. We had a lovely Sunday Adventure so I did enjoy the day out. It just wasn't fun when I got home! I ended up taking some pain pills and going to bed early. 

Sunday the weather was all-change from Saturday. It was sunny and warmer, but still really, really windy. While I was out at the beach taking photos it almost knocked me off my feet! There was still a lot of ice at the lake so you couldn't see the waves from the shore. I stood on the beach and took photos. I couldn't believe that I saw someone walk (on ice and some shaky) all the way out to the lighthouse (usually in quite deep water) and climb around over there. There was a police car in the car park a little later setting off the siren when people went onto the ice but I'm not sure they saw the man walk out there. I hope he was okay. 

As I was standing on the beach I kept seeing eagles flying over the lighthouse. Husband drove the car a little further up the channel and I got out of the car to watch (and take photos) of the eagles. There were four of them in all - two adults and two juveniles. It was lovely to watch them flying low looking for food. 

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 51/365

Not an eagle photo - I left my phone in the car, but an ice photo. With some of the warmer days we've been having the ice will soon start shrinking. 

Today, after my walk, we were back at Jane's house. We are slowly working our way through the basement. We thought we were done with all the paperwork and boxes of random things that Jane kept but we found several small boxes further back in the basement so we worked on them today. It seems just when we think we're done with something we find more of it! 

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 52/365

This made me laugh out loud rather than smile. I opened one of the boxes of paper and this was on top! Jane must have had it in mind to put a stop to the mass of paper. Lol. 


  1. Sorry you weren't feeling well, but, glad you are feeling better, now!

    The paper clipping about getting rid of junk mail, sitting on top of what looks like a pile of newspapers, made me laugh too! :D

  2. That cutting is just so funny in that context! You may feel it's one step forward and two back but it isn't really, you will suddenly find you are almost there!
    I'm glad you're feeling better now.

  3. Your ice photos are amazing. That clipping in its context made me smile as well.

  4. Oh my goodess, she must have! That is truth - it is hard! I couldn't imagine walking out like that!

  5. That cutting made me chuckle. We seldom read junk mail but put it straight in the bin. Tony will insist on filling the free post envelope that companies send and sending them a competitors junk mail if I don't recycle it first.

  6. I'm with all the others ... the cutting in that context made me laugh. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Must admit that I, too, laughed out loud at the newspaper clipping, thinking of how much work you and your MiL have done trying to clear Jane's place.


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