Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday Adventure and a Bit of a Book Declutter

It was a lovely sunny day today. We decided to go to the lakeshore and take a couple of small walks. Soon it will be tourist season and we usually stay away mostly then. It's almost coming into the end of free parking season at some places, so we avoid those too. I don't mind paying a little bit for an hours parking, but a lot of the places do a flat charge and I'm not paying that for an hour walk on the beach. It's then that we tend to use State Parks as we get a year pass for about $12 a year. It's a bargain in my opinion.  

They are starting to get the beaches ready for summer visitors. We saw that some of the snow fences have been taken down and the bulldozers are starting to even out the sand again. 

The clouds in the sky were beautiful

The Lighthouse could do with a coat or two of paint. 

That's my husband lazing against the steps. He made me smile today (98/366). At least he got out of the car today. The wind was quite keen but it was a little warmer. As it hit 50F/10C there were people out in shorts ha ha! 

We got back home mid-afternoon, as we usually try to do. Husband likes a bit of time to relax before he has to think about going to bed (usually at 8.30 or so as he gets up really early in the morning). I did some computer stuff in the afternoon and then got the urge to do some purging. 

DRUM ROLL - I sat down for about 30 minutes and sorted TWENTY books to go to the book pile!!!! I'm really pleased with that. I wanted to get 30 sorted this month and I'm already get rid of twenty - in one go!!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. 


  1. Well done with the books.
    That poor lighthouse needs some attention.

    1. I think they are talking about painting it. Apparently it costs a lot of money!

  2. Glad you had a good adventure on Sunday and well done on the book declutter! You won't find me in shorts when it is 50F, for sure! :D

    1. I'm feeling good about the book declutter. I can't believe how many people were about in shorts and tee shirts. Husband and I were still bundled up in coats as the wind was quite keen.


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