Saturday, April 13, 2024


The sun was shining this morning. Really lovely. I got out early and sat and watched the beavers for a while and then had a nice walk. There was a fisherman right by the beavers' lodge, but he moved soon after I arrived and then the beavers came out. I'm not sure why they fish right there as the sticks and tree logs line the bottom of the lake. It seems there are other, clearer areas where the fishing would be better, but what do I know? 

Anyway, it was very relaxing. After watching the beavers, I took a walk. I heard lots of bird sounds. Up in the field the Tree Swallows and the Blue Birds were competing over who would get to occupy the two bird houses. A little Chickadee even took a lot in one of the houses while the Tree Swallows and Blue Birds were flying around.

A little later husband and I went out to do a bit of shopping and to take a look around for poly greenhouses (not sure that's the right term). We don't want anything too big, but something that would protect plants from the deer. It has to be able to be taken down and stored in winter. We think we've found one, but we want to do more research as to what else (food) we can grow there in pots. 

I did actually do a bit of sorting today too. I'm on a roll! No books today but I was up in the craft room. Some hard decisions will have to be made. Sigh.

Question - how long should an item be kept if it's not been used so far? 

Question - when decluttering, is the price you paid for something a consideration in whether you get rid of it or not? Or do you just chalk it up to a purchasing error and - hopefully - going forward you avoid that error? 

Some things I really have to think about. I think that second one is holding me back in some areas. 

One of my beaver photos from this week

Some phone photos from my walk today and my Things That Make Me Smile photo

104/366 - it's sunny!


  1. There used to be a programme called 'The Perfect Housewife' (and, yes, men were featured too) and the criteria used for decluttering were
    Is it . . .
    seriously beautiful
    serious useful
    seriously sentimental
    I've found that very helpful in some areas - not when it comes to crafting stuff and books though. Sorry!!

    Gorgeous sunshine in those photos. Isn't it cheering. xx

    1. That sounds like an interesting show. I'm not sure that criteria would work for me lol. I am slowly working through it though I think it will be an evolving, continuous process.
      It was so lovely to see the sunshine!

  2. That beaver face is so cute. It's nice to see daffodils in the woods, too.
    If I applied the 'haven't worn this for two years' and 'can't remember the last time I used this' to things in my house to remove them, I'd have acres of space. I'm a 'just in case' person, though.

    1. Lol that's been my problem too.

      I love seeing the daffodils. I think they must have been planted at some point when the place was still an asylum. It is lovely to see them though.

  3. Love that beaver photo! He's looking right at you! I'm glad you were able to enjoy a sunny walk.
    As for the decluttering questions, I tend to keep items for too long! Especially if I didn't pay a lot for it, I'm reluctant to let things go! Maybe I don't want to admit to myself that I made a mistake buying it!

    1. Thanks. They really do seem to pay attention to people.
      I struggle with the decluttering especially if I paid good money for something, but I am starting to think that I just need to let the items go if I want the space in my home. I suppose I shall just have to decide which is more important


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