Tuesday, August 2, 2022

 I did manage to go for a walk today. It was quite warm out. I tried to stick to the woods where there was some shade beneath the trees. I wasn't the only one sticking to the woods. I came across several deer that were really close to the path. Lots of males, a couple of females and one fawn. I was watching them and taking photos and along trots a raccoon. The fawn saw it too and was rather curious. It would take two or three steps towards the raccoon and stop to watch. The raccoon would move as soon as the fawn got too close. It happened a couple of times before the raccoon scurried off. Really fun to watch. 

Not a lot else happened today. I didn't get a lot done. We had a lovely salad for tea, husband and son had chicken sliders (ground chicken, spring (green) onions and barbeque sauce) with pepper jack cheese. This was a request from son. 

Tomorrow I am getting up early so that I can go for an early walk as it is supposed to be quite hot tomorrow (heating up quickly). I am going to stop at the shops on the way home to pick up the other things needed for this weeks' food menu and then I shall spend the rest of the day in the house - hopefully it will be cooler inside than out!

Things That Make Me Smile 214

This wasn't the photo I had planned for today. I took a nice calming photo on my walk this morning, but later this afternoon this squirrel was making me laugh. It was so hot outside it was just laying splat on the grass in between eating fallen bird seed. 

I'm still catching up the Phone Photos - almost done! 

Day 205 (July 24th) 

As I said, horrible at Heathrow, but this light show in Detroit made me smile. It meant I was almost back!

Day 206 (July 25th)

Back walking at my usual spot, so lush and green. Things had grown even in just the two weeks I'd been away!

Day 207 (July 26)

Watching this mama deer (and her baby not in shot) wander up through the woods and into the lake made me smile. 

Day 208 (July 27)

I just liked the way this flower looked and it made me smile!

Day 209 (July 28)

Just beautiful morning skies - those clouds made me smile!

Day 210 (July 29)

Beautiful reflection

There - all caught up now! 

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