Friday, August 5, 2022

Not a Productive Week

Fair warning - this post has a bit of a moan in it. 

I haven't posted for a few days. I started off the week on a positive note, but somewhere along the way things went a little downhill. It's been really hot and muggy and it's just been a miserable weather week. I've not been enjoying going for my walks. I feel sticky and sweaty before even starting and then the darn bitey flies are back again. I got bit today on my face and it has swelled up a bit. Glad I wasn't planning on going anywhere else!

I haven't been sleeping well either. It's been hot at night and I keep waking up. I can't wait until things cool down a little - especially at night.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go to the zoo. It's for my online camera club. I don't like meeting new people and I'm a little anxious. I know it will be okay when I get there, but it's the thought. Not to mention I have to drive somewhere I haven't driven to before. I am going to be daring (for me) and go. I think I'll have fun once I get there!

Moan out of the way. There is lots to be positive about -

* Had a nice message session with my sister today. She sent me photos of my great nephews - they always make me smile 

* I finished a book today. It was a fun read. I bought it at the dollar store, and it was well worth it!

* I saw lots of butterflies this week while walking. Lovely to see them as I don't usually see many. 

* Did get some books sorted this week that will be ready to be donated. I also did some Ebay listings. Not the progress I hoped for but something at least. 

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 

Day 215 (Wednesday August 3rd)

Beautiful skies in the morning and in the evening. There was quite the storm in-between. MIL lost power for a few hours, but thankfully, we didn't. 

Day 216 

Took lots of photos on walk today. It was one of the better days of the week. I managed only to get bitten on my ankles and only by mosquitoes. 

Day 217 

It was going to be another nature photo but when I stopped at the shops this was parked in one of the spaces in the car park and it made me smile. A ghost busting car! Who wouldn't smile? 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Blimmin bitey flies are a common problem all over the world aren't they. Tony reacts badly when he gets bitten but so far I am not too bad. I bet you have a smashing time at the zoo taking photo's. It'll be interesting to see what you pictures you take.

  2. I dislike that hot, sweaty weather too - it's definitely not pleasant and makes me miserable.
    I hope it cools for you soon. xx


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