Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Thanks for the comments everyone. I have replied to them. I appreciate them all. 

Well, today was a little more productive. I went for a walk. It was on my own. I was kind of glad of it. My walking friend texted me last night and made a roundabout comment about how maybe I could do a sunrise and if I did then she could walk with her friend. I texted her back saying that if she wanted to walk with her friend that was okay. We walk together all the time. I like going by myself sometimes. The way I've been feeling the last couple of days I'd rather be by myself. 

I saw some returning warblers (birds). They passed through on their way to other places for the summer and they are starting to pass through on their way to the warmer south. It's a sign that Autumn is coming! Already. I feel it's too early lol. I'm sure the birds know what they are doing. 

When I got home, I did go up in the craft room. I looked at the mess and almost turned around and walked out. I sorted through a bit but I'm really struggling with this. There are some things I know that I don't want anymore, but I haven't quite decided whether I want to donate to a charity shop, find a craft club to donate to or sell. I am so tempted to box them all up and put somewhere else so I free up some room to work on the rest of my stuff and organise things. What are your thoughts on that? Is it just putting things off? I'm undecided, but I am leaning towards boxing them up and moving them from the room. I think with less stuff in there I can see what's important to me and have room to make things clearer. If the room was more like the way I want it maybe it would be easier to just let the stuff go without worrying where it was going. 

Decisions. Decisions. 

Thing That Make Me Smile Day 229

It's another outdoor one. It was really beautiful out this morning, quiet and peaceful. 

And a bonus phone photo (lol). Can't believe some leaves are turning!


  1. Sometimes, it is better to walk by yourself. I wonder if we are in for an early fall, this year?
    I'd box up the items I don't want and put them aside for now, just to gain some space in the craft room to organize the rest of your stuff. Once that is done, you can decide what you want to do with the things you've boxed up. If you decide you want to get rid of them, it would be easier to do so since they are already boxed up!

    1. Thanks for the tips. I'm wondering about autumn too. I can see signs that summer is coming to an end.

  2. Just catching up - sorry you've been going through a bit of a feeling down time. Hope a couple more peaceful walks will help. You certainly have some beautiful places to walk. We went to Felixstowe on Sunday - not a lot of peace there! The beach was really busy.
    A little time each day in the craft room will get you there in the end.

    1. Thanks. My sister has been to Felixstowe quite a bit. With the warm temperatures I'm not surprised it's busy. Sister said she actually went into the water to her knees with one of her grandchildren. She said it wasn't too bad either lol

  3. If you know there are things you definitely don't want to keep I'd say that boxing them up is a good start. It'll give you room to work and help free your mind to make decisions about the remaining stuff. Good luck! xx

  4. Based on the frenzied feeding of our hummingbirds, I'd say they are storing up energy for the trip south within the next month or so. They've a very long way to go.

    I know just how you feel about your craft room. I feel the same way about my file drawers that have way too many old papers that simply need to be shredded. The only reason I will get back to sorting this afternoon is that our community shredding event is tomorrow at a local high school. A bear to do so much shredding with my own unit. Already have one banker box full and another empty box waiting to be filled. Mustn't procrastinate any longer.

  5. Oh that's good that you have a community shredding event. When we were sorting out Jane's house MIL actually took it somewhere and had to pay for it to be shredded.

    I only usually see hummingbirds during migration. My feed is back out there and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll see some. I usually see quite a few out walking and haven't seen as many this year.


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