Monday, August 29, 2022

It was a hot and sticky start to the day. I didn't sleep well. The heat was a little too much. I am looking forward to some cooler nights. I went for a walk, but it really wasn't that pleasant, too sticky. The humidity was at 90% and it was quite cloudy. This afternoon brought some storms. We had a Thunderstorm Warning, but in my area, it wasn't too bad. Apparently, there were some bad storms in the area though. It was funny though, as I got several phone calls from the power company letting me know when my power would be back on! I still had power (thank goodness!). I'm glad I did have power as the last phone call told me that power would be on by 7.30pm on the 30th!  It was more pleasant after the storm front went through. Once in a while I could feel a lovely, cool breeze come through the windows. 

I didn't end up getting a lot done. I did some crafting. Later in the afternoon middle son came up to visit and have some dinner. We sat and watched a couple of shows on Disney + - something about She Hulk and Ms Marvel. They were fun. 

Things That Make Me Smile Day 241 

It's not the greatest photo (I am taking these with my phone). There wasn't a lot to see out while I was walking, but this guy caught my eye. It was just sitting up on a log and let me take several photos with my phone and my big camera. Usually, they jump away. Made me smile. 

More crafting tomorrow and some house stuff. I will hopefully take some photos of what I've been working on.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the comments. I do appreciate them!


  1. Thankfully, it has cooled off quite a lot here, especially overnight. I felt quite cold this morning. I'm so glad the storms cleared that humidity - 90% is not nice at all. xx

  2. Glad you didn't lose power during the storm! Froggy looks like he is smiling, too! :D

  3. It's the humidity that makes it unbearable so I am glad that the storm cleared the air. xx

  4. I'm looking forward to cooler days as well. I like the frog. It made me smile as well. Have a good day.

  5. The frog is so cute. I'm glad that you have power. It's so disconcerting when it goes off!


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