Sunday, August 28, 2022


It's been a hot weekend. No rain. Humid though. I have officially had enough of the heat. Tomorrow is supposed to be another hot day and then maybe it will be cooler on Tuesday. 

We got out yesterday for a little walk. We first went to a park where they have assembled old bridges. It is really interesting to see. 

After that we went to another park that reminds me of the ones in England. It is a lovely park with a variety of flowers and trees. We've been there a few times before and I think I've shared photos of the Fantasy Forest that has carvings made from some trees. It's always fun to look around there. I took some close ups of the flowers and bees too. It wasn't a fast walk, just leisurely. 

Things That Make Me Smile 239 

The Green Man is one of my favourite carvings and always makes me smile. 

On Sunday we went back up to the beach. It was hot and quite busy. Our local schools start back tomorrow, and I think there were a lot of people out enjoying the beach. We did a walk up in the sand dunes for a little bit, but it was very muggy out. Unfortunately, it seems I got bit on my ankles! I can't stop itching. I have some cream to put on the bites and it helps a little. I can't wait for the bugs to be gone! 

Things That Make Me Smile 240

This beach was mostly empty. It is amazing how much it changes. The last time we were here the beach was a lot smaller as the lake was a lot higher. There was also an old shipwreck visible in the sand. It now seems to have been buried below a lot of sand! You used to stand and rocks and look down to it. Now you walk directly from the rocks onto the beach. 

Back tomorrow. 


  1. Wow, that sand looks perfect. Just the sort of thing we have here. It's nice when beaches are quiet enough for a good stroll but I'm not so keen if it's windy. Our schools go back next week I think. Christmas is just around the corner.

  2. Water shortages everywhere by the sound of things.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend even if it was hot! The parks and the beach look like fun places to walk in. Hope the rest of the week will be cooler for you. :)

  4. I know Lake MI is shrinking...I don't remember why. Beautiful picture of the beach.

  5. As a fellow Brit living in the US I completely understand your being fed up of the heat. I am so ready for it to cool down too. No matter how long we live here I believe our genetic make up is such that we just can't deal with the extreme heat for a long period of time. I am sure you have many blog friends in the UK too and they all tell of it turning autumnal already. Their summer is much shorter than ours. But here we are and here we will stay and I try very hard not to complain about the heat but by this time of year my resolves falters and I become whiny lol. Here's hoping for a cool down soon!

  6. I love that green man carving and the sandy beach looks so inviting. I hope you have a good week x


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