Thursday, August 11, 2022

It was haircut day today. Had a few tearful moments. My hairdresser lost her Dad not long after I lost Mum last year and we shared a few memories. 

Before my appointment I took a walk. It was pleasant and very quiet. I got there early and I didn't see anyone until I was getting ready to leave. Really lovely. 

I did my usual household stuff but not a lot more. I finished another book so one more to add to the donate pile. Oh, before my appointment I stopped at The Dollar Tree (now 1.25) and picked up a couple of things including a plastic organiser tray. I cleaned out the top shelf of the fridge where we keep mostly condiments (what can I say my husband and son use a lot of different ones - there aren't any I use) and then organised the remaining items in this tray. I am thinking of doing this with the rest of the refrigerator as I like the fact you can pull out the tray and see what's in there. 

Tomorrow I am planning on getting up early, going for a walk and then coming home to sort out another tub. Husband is off early tomorrow (8.30 in the morning) as he worked a long day on Tuesday. He has to go in for a bit to make up his hours, but he can't work overtime so has to come home. I am hoping (and he said he may get to it tomorrow) that he would vacuum down in the basement so I can move down the empty tubs. 

Things That Make Me Smile 223 

From my walk this morning. Everything is so lush and green despite the heat (there has been a lot of rain). I like this barn and I like the winding path. I like that it was quiet on my walk - no birders around for a while. 


  1. The photo made me smile too - all that lovely, lush green. Beautiful. xx

  2. It does look very lush and green in that photo! Glad you had a quiet walk.

  3. I've been using organiser trays in my fridge for the past few months. It makes a big difference and it's now much easier to pull a tray out and choose what I want.

    Your final photo of the barn confused me. It's very similar to one I pass on the way to my friend's home but without the winding path. For a minute I thought you were back in England! xx

  4. I adore that barn and would love a long low bungalow exactly like that.. I can dream.

  5. Hugs. It's good to be able to share when you miss someone. I love the idea of the trays in the fridge - I am going to have to use that!


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