Friday, March 10, 2023


Well, it did snow. Maybe 5-6 inches. It was wet and heavy snow. The trees were heavy with snow and the roads were covered until it got to daylight (notice I did not say until the sun came up - it wasn't visible) and then the roads turned to slush. I actually procrastinated (is that a surprise?) bundled up and watched the birds for a while. They were fun to watch. Husband got off work early as he had worked over the other day. He said the roads were just wet so then I went for a quick walk. I felt better for it. It was pretty, but it's tough to walk through the snow!

On my walk

And in the garden

One of my chipmunks was out in the garden today. He has a hole in the ground - he must have dug his way through the snow! I did throw him peanut.

Did I actually get anything done today? 

I have almost finished working on the problem area I was working on. Actually, I have sorted through it but am not completely happy with it, so I'm going to take another quick look tomorrow and see if there is anything else I can reorganise or get rid of. I did not get up into the craft room. I did work on another problem area I want to tackle. On the plus side, I did manage to take another look through a bookcase and get rid of another eleven books! If you've been reading this a while, you know how tough I find it to let go of books. 

Tomorrow we are going out somewhere. Not sure where. It's looking like the best day of the weekend as there are forecast snow showers for Sunday. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend. 


  1. Oh, wow! Look at all that snow! Such a cute picture of the chipmunk in the snow!

  2. I love little chipmunks. One hot dry summer I told a friend I had placed a shallow container of water on my patio for a little chipmunk who drank from it for quite a long time. Her comment - she pours Clorox bleach down their holes! I, at that moment, deleted her from my list of friends! I try really hard to avoid being in her company.

  3. That heavy snow does look very pretty the way it sticks to everything, doesn't it?
    Well done with the clearing - you are doing so very well. xx

  4. Love the snowy day pictures especially the first and last ones. xx

  5. Procrastination - I would know nothing about that...ahahah
    Yes, we are predicted for 5-8" tonight into Sunday.
    Have fun, whatever you do today.

  6. Good Job on tackling problem areas! Cute little chipmunk.


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