Sunday, March 5, 2023

Weekend Adventures

It was quite snowy Saturday morning when we did get up. About 8 inches of snow. We didn't go too far but we did manage to get out. It was #1day12pics for my online camera club. Every first Saturday of the month the goal is to take 12 photos to document your day. I usually end up just doing a theme. That's my goal. It's one of the projects I hope to complete again this year. My theme was going to be Signs of Spring, but quite frankly they were all buried or covered in snow so instead I went with Snowy March Beginnings. 

I made two collages of the photos I chose to include in the project

It was lovely and snowy on Saturday so that was nice! The temperatures warmed up enough that a lot of the snow has already gone. It was nice and sunny and mild today too. 

We went a little further afield today. To a park we've been to before but not recently. Husband wants to walk more and there are trails there to walk on. We had a lovely walk. There wasn't a lot of snow around up there - they didn't get as much as us - and as I said it has warmed up nicely that last couple of days. We saw two eagles. We were really pleased to see that they had rebuilt their nest as the previous one was brought down (I think the whole tree!) in a windstorm a while ago. 

Unfortunately, first thing the trail was a little icy and husband fell. He didn't break anything, but is feeling quite sore! I'm sure tomorrow he'll feel even worse. Yikes. 

While I was out today I looked for reflections in puddles. I made another collage.

Back tomorrow!


  1. The collages are great - thanks for sharing.
    Poor husband - I hope he's not hurting too much today. xx

    1. Thank you! He's sore today but muddling through

  2. You take such lovely photos, Sharon. So sorry to hear that your husband slipped and fell, but, thank goodness he didn't break anything! Hope he won't feel too sore, tomorrow!

    1. Thank you so much. He's doing ok. Sore, but lucky not to have broken anything.


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