Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Decluttering Continues

I'm trying to declutter at least 50 things in July. I find decluttering, sorting and (groan) organising a real challenge. I look at things and still like them (that's why they are in the house!) but I also like the thought of having space and tidiness in my home. It seems like a bit of a contradiction. I did a lot of sorting out at Jane's house last year and for a long time I just felt I couldn't sort or declutter another thing. For anyone new reading the blog, husband's aunt passed away and MIL and myself spent about eight months sorting out her house. She was a collector and a bit of a hoarder and it was a lot of work! For a while I gave up sorting my own things out. However, now I'm ready. 

Even though this is a June challenge, I feel as though it's something I hope to continue with and revisit. I do little-by-little rather than getting rid of huge chunks. I really don't know where to start, so I tend to pick a section, go through and get rid of the easiest things. Later on, I'll have to revisit the section again and pick out things that are a little more difficult. 

Today I worked on the bedroom. Mainly clothes. It's warmer now and I knew that I had some legging type capris that I wear in the house, but could I find them? That's a big NO. Today I decided to pull things out and find them. You'll be glad to know that I did end up finding what I had misplaced. 

I also got rid of (straight from my notebook lol)

6 tee shirts

1 night shirt

1 capri (elastic gone)

1 sweatshirt

1 cardigan

1 oversized long sleeved shirt

1 jumper (hole)

1 long sleeve (old)

1 jumper (didn't want)

1 long sleeve button up (been a while since worn)

1 dress (ugh)

None clothes - floss odds and ends

Threw away - a bunch of rubbish I found. 

That's it for decluttering today. I put some in my donate bag, some in the bin and some I am giving to my walking friend as her church is collecting sweatshirts and tee shirts for migrant workers. 

I actually feel quite pleased with what I got done. I'm planning on doing some more tomorrow. 

Question - I thought about this while sorting. Do you keep boxes for items? How long? 

Phone Photo from my walk today. In the woods


  1. Such a lovely photo! I like photos of paths as I always wonder where they lead to!
    Well done on the decluttering! I have been adding more than decluttering, this first week in June, but, I don't anticipate adding more!

    1. I love paths too! I'm trying with the decluttering. I still find it really hard.

  2. When storing things in boxes it's best not to look. If you haven't opened the box in a year then just donate... But ask a friend to check that there's nothing of a personal nature in there first.

    1. Yikes. That sounds really scary to me. I'd be afraid I was missing out. I'm not sure I'd ever get rid of the boxes!


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