Friday, June 30, 2023

Friday - It's Been a Productive Week

It's the end of the week and the end of another month. It does seem like this year is just flying by! I think I had a good June. I certainly had a lovely camping holiday and I feel as though I've been fairly productive. This week has actually been a really productive week. I've stuck to lists, finished the things on my list and I can actually see some progress in the house. It's really encouraging!

I wanted to get rid of 50 things in June and I think I've accomplished more than that. I do need to check out what I've written down, but even books alone (if I count them individually) I feel as though I've got rid of that many! I am going to continue into July. I've already listed what area I want to work on next week. I shall further break it down into smaller tasks each day. 

Next week is also my first week of the new Mon-Wed-Fri walking regime. It helps that there is a holiday on the Tuesday as I don't walk with my friend on the holidays. Going forward, I'm looking at this as a positive thing. I feel as though this will not only give me extra time working on the home project, but it will also bring back some of the reason I started walking in the first place. It wasn't just for exercise, but to appreciate the beauty in the little things around me. Truthfully, I like just wandering. I enjoy the solitude. I think the Mon-Wed-Fri thing is not only a good balance of solitude and social, but freeing up some time. 

A couple of phone photos from the last couple days. The air has been quite smoke filled. Yesterday my eyes were quite teary and I felt a little short of breath when walking fast. We're supposed to have rain this weekend and, while I don't enjoy the rain - especially at the weekend - I'm also hoping it will disperse some of the smoke. 

How has your month been? Have you managed to get some decluttering done? 


  1. I've surpassed my expectations and gotten rid of far more than 50 items. I did start listing each thing but gave up after a while. Yesterday I got Tony to take them all to a charity shop so I wasn't tempted to rescue them from the bag.

    1. Well done! I had my husband take away a few boxes last month too lol. I must admit that I don't miss what has gone, so that spurs me on. I too started listing each thing, but gave up lol

  2. Sounds like you had a very good month in June! I'm sure the new walking schedule will work well. If not, you could always go back to the daily walks, couldn't you? Well done on the decluttering! I think you decluttered almost 50 items in that first week! I tried, but, I didn't get 50 items decluttered. Plus, I brought in quite a few items like the file cabinet and the bookcase. I, too, will continue to declutter in July.

    1. I feel encouraged. I am going to keep writing my lists and keep going. You're right about the walks, though I don't feel I will miss them too much. I look forward to reading your progress in July!


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