Thursday, June 1, 2023

June - The Decluttering has Started

It's a hot start to June. Our weather here in Michigan has been warmer than usual. Today it reached 90f/32/c. The next few days is going to be more of the same. It's a little too warm for me and warmer than it usually is at this time of year. I've been going for my walk and then coming home and enjoying the window air conditioner that we have. 

Today is the first of June. This month I am going to work on starting to get the house in order. I hope to get rid of 50 things in June - hopefully more! I've got off to a good start. Here's a few of the things I got rid of today. I took advantage of our quarterly rubbish pick up. Most of the things I put out already got picked up. Other things I donated. Not included in this list are two bags of rubbish I sorted and took out!

Step stool - this is from the kitchen. I had brought home one from Jane's house as ours was getting a little worn, but I'd never changed them out. The step stool went on the curb and someone picked up. 

2 sets of sheets and extra pillowcases. These are well worn. I can't even remember the number of years I've had them. 

7 books. This is not an easy one for me. Sigh. I struggle with books. 

3 bras - I think I wore them once. They weren't comfortable. Goodness knows why I kept them - perhaps hoping for some miracle that they'd finally feel good perhaps - ha ha!

Cardigan - I like it which is why I've kept it. BUT I haven't worn it for a long time. I have plenty so it's gone. 

a tangle of headphones. No idea why I kept them. 

a new pack of shoelaces. Don't know why I bought them. 

Pair jeans. Just not comfortable. 

3 suitcases. We downsized. How many suitcases do we need? 

It's a start. Husband is dropping off two boxes of donations on his way home from work tomorrow. The donations include some items I decluttered last month (not included in the list). I'm writing things down and will probably update once a week. 

Is anyone else decluttering? How did you do? 

Some of the decluttered items. 

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  1. It is hotter there than it is here! We are still in the mid to upper 60s! If we are lucky, we might go up to 70F this weekend. I'm all bundled up in my sweaters and scarves!

    And Wow! You made such a good start on the June decluttering! Unlike you, I've been adding to my stuff! A file cabinet, a whisk, 4 bowls, a bedsheet (to be used as a quilt backing) and 2 bedspreads that were given to me! I guess I'm a bit confused about what decluttering is! :D


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