Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Sort of Productive (pulling a face here)

I made a list for the day and managed to get all but one thing done. That's a plus, right? Things just seem a little overwhelming today. I need to keep myself focused on the area/project I'm working on and not get distracted. It still seems so hard to get rid of things. I shall keep plodding along and hope that it gets easier. It is just stuff afterall. 

On the list today was a trip to The Dollar Tree - should be renamed The Dollar-Twenty-Five Tree as there is nothing there a dollar anymore. I made a list before I went but did end up with more than planned. I had a specific task in mind. 

When we go visit daughter around her birthday, we do Christmas along with her in-laws and others of their family. We don't exchange gifts, but we do have a holiday game where we each bring 2-3 gifts each (so for us it's 4-6). I do all the Christmas shopping in our family, so I have to figure out some interesting finds for the game. It's between $10-15 per gift.  I stress out way too much about it. I'm sure nobody else gets this anxious about it! I always seem to end up leaving it until the last minute. This year I wanted to get it done early. I am usually such a procrastinator (is that a surprise to anyone lol). One of the goals I set myself this week is to get them shopped, put together and out of the way. Hence the visit to The Dollar Tree. I'm not getting all the goodies from there, but it is great for the little things to help make up the baskets (which is what I've decided to do). Hopefully, by the end of the week I'll have them put together!

I also wanted to pick up some more gloves from there. They are cheap and work well and if I lose them (how many will I lose this winter?) it's not a great loss. I don't wear them all the time as I have some heavy-duty ones for when it gets really, really cold. I do like that they sell these sets of gloves that have a fingerless pair layered with a pair with fingers. 

I have told my friend that I'll only be walking Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. The other two days I will be going by myself, getting done early so I can either run a couple of shopping errands those days or stuff done at home. 

Tomorrow is a walk day, but no errands, so straight home and hopefully more done tomorrow!

Today's photo - the beaver lodge this morning. So beautiful this morning


  1. Sounds like a very productive day to me, Sharon. I think we both try to get too many things done in a day! My daughter has been telling me that my daily to do lists are more like a weekly to do list! I'm trying to keep my lists more reasonable. So, on today's list, there were two things I had to get done - bring the trash cans in (done) and do laundry, two loads (done). In addition, I did a few other things including watering some of the plants in the front garden with water I have saved when waiting for the shower water to warm up, checking the weekly grocery ads, reading, chatting and texting with a couple of cousins, replying to blog comments, etc. Those things were not on my to do list, but, they do get done and it takes time to do them. Hope your day goes well, tomorrow. :)

  2. You do always sound as though you get a lot done! I'm trying. I suppose doing some things is better than doing nothing!


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