Tuesday, November 7, 2023

What Day is it? Decluttering - DVDs/CDs

I was going to label this post Monday and then just remembered that it wasn't!

Update on my tooth - it finally stopped hurting a lot on Saturday. I was still having twinges through the weekend, but it's definitely okay now. I think the whole gum/jaw was bruised and when I tried to eat on that side, I was aggravating it. I do have to go back on Friday for a crown this time. I am definitely not looking forward to it after this last time. I am going to not think about it until Thursday night!

I managed to get everything done today that I wanted to get done. I have a meal plan made and also a list of a couple of things that I need to pick up tomorrow. I didn't run any errands today. I gave myself today to get caught up on house things. I have also made a list of things to get done this week. Now it's just a matter of not getting distracted and following through with the list. 

We shall see. If I start getting on a roll, I might share the lists each week and whether or not I follow through. 

DECLUTTERING - do you still hold onto DVDs or CDs? I have a stack of both. They are on my to-do list. I would like to get rid of half. Which half? Ha, ha. I suppose the easiest to get rid of would be the ones that I can see on one of the streaming services. I don't subscribe to any music services but how much do I listen to the CDs? I suppose it's all a balancing act. I can honestly say that I haven't watched or listened to a lot of them in a while. 

The photo for today - I saw this puff thing attached to a leaf. Not sure if it's supposed to be that way or it's a fungus of some kind. If anyone knows please let me know. 

Back tomorrow. 


  1. Glad to hear that your tooth is feeling better; you might still mention it to the dentist when you go in for your crown.
    Well done getting everything done that you wanted to do, today! Lists do help, but, sometimes, it's hard to stick to the list! Sometimes, our lists are too long to be accomplished in one day!
    Yes to having DVDs and CDs, and even several VHS tapes! Remember those? LOL. I did get rid of my cassette tapes, though, so that's good! I don't subscribe to any streaming services; I don't watch my VHSs and DVDs that often, but, I like knowing that I have them if I feel like watching them! Having said that, I keep thinking I should declutter some of them.
    The round object on the leaf looks like a gall. They occur when the cells of the leaves (or other parts of a plant) get damaged due to insects boring or laying eggs, or fungi and bacteria, etc. It's the plants way of healing the wounds, sort of like a scar.

    1. Oh thanks for the info on the gall. Really interesting.

      I think that's my thing with the DVDs and CDs. I like knowing they are there if I want to watch. There is one series I watch that makes me smile when I'm feeling down. I definitely won't be getting rid of that one!

  2. The bruising can be worse than the actual dental work. When I had my front implants, I was a bit black and blue round the top of my mouth, as if I'd been punched. I'm so glad it is getting easier now. xx

    1. Ouch that does sound painful! I suppose I wasn't expecting it to hurt like that. I had a root canal before and I can't remember it being that painful afterwards last time!


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