Tuesday, January 12, 2021

I was glad when I woke up this morning that the freezing rain that had been forecast actually skipped us and was further east in the state. I had arranged to meet my walking friend at another local spot as the place we had been walking had got so icy and we hadn't seen a lot of wildlife. The place we agreed on has open ponds at this time of year so we knew it was more likely we would see something. It was a LOT colder where we met as it is wide open and isn't sheltered at all. In the summer it is really hot and in winter the wind just blows across there. Brrr... I had bundled up with long undies and handwarmers and I was very glad!

When I got home I got the things done on my list. It does keep me on track and focused though I know I can do a lot better. Mostly there are little things on there that I always mean to get done, end up getting distracted and forget about them.  It helps to see the things written down and checked off when I complete them. I didn't get as much crafty stuff done as I wanted - though it wasn't on my list. I still have a lot of sorting to do in my craft room. I might write down one crafty organising thing I should get done each day on my to-do list. I suppose if I tackled it in small bits I might actually get it done!

Today's photo - some Common Goldeneye ducks I saw today. They were so funny to watch. They must have been having a conversation of sorts as the two males would do some funny movements and tilt their heads back completely. Oh just looked it up as I wrote this and it is a mating ritual of some kind. They must have been trying to attract the females they were with! Very interesting! These are winter visitors to our area. 


  1. I find a list helps to keep me focused and on a track with both chores and crafts. A joy to see the ducks and hear about their antics.

  2. A lucky escape from some bad weather!

    I love ticking things off a list - it gives me such a sense of achievement.

  3. Good job making lists. I do write down the things I do every day, like water and feed chickens, that way I can cross stuff off and that motivates me to cross more off. Mind games. Yes, I agree writing down at least 1 yucky job and 1 fun thing to do is good too. Sometimes I do so many "yucky" chores that I don't take time to do something I enjoy. I NEED to get back to lists too!! I know I'm not alone, but finding motivation in our current "world" is hard!!

  4. Glad the storm skipped your area! You are getting so much done with your lists! I, too, need to get back to my daily to do lists! Enjoyed seeing the picture of the ducks and reading about their mating rituals! I loved watching the ducks when I was at the Japanese Garden, last year. Has it really been almost a year since then?


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