Monday, November 14, 2022

Did We Have Snow?

Well, the answer is yes. But it went away pretty quickly. But there is more coming. And, yes, the cold weather has set in. The week ahead looks cold and somewhat snowy. Our highest high will be 39F/4C, our lowest high 26F/-3C and our lowest low 16F/-9C. So the windows are closed up again and the heat has come back on. I think winter is coming. 

Yesterday (Sunday), it did snow. It was beautiful first thing. The snow coated everything in white. We got out and took a drive and I took some photos with my camera

Really pleased with how these turned out. Sometimes it's tough to get the snow to be the right shade of white and not blue or grey lol.

Husband and I had a good day out. My Day 317 Things That Make me Smile, phone photos, is a little collage of a couple of mini-snowmen my husband made. He had a lot of fun. 

The snow was gone by late afternoon. I'm sure there will be more on the way. In the part of Michigan where I live there is always a lot of snow in winter. I still get quite excited by that first snowfall. I know that, by the end of winter, I'll be complaining, but I was still like a child yesterday morning especially as the snow was the kind that sticks to everything. 

I got up this morning and went for a walk. My throat was a little sore yesterday and was still sore this morning. I hope I'm not coming down with anything. I did let me friend know as she is leaving to go and visit her son and baby this week for a couple of weeks, but she said she would still walk. I suppose it is up to her. All I could do was to let her know. 

I came home and packaged up a bunch of Ebay auctions and that was about all I had energy for lol. I'm off to bed early in hopes that I'll get a good night's rest. 

Day 318

A dull morning walk, but the water is receding at Asylum Lake as they have fixed the beaver deceiver, though the beavers haven't stopped working - more trees down. 

Hopefully back tomorrow!


  1. How pretty that all looks and the snowmen are fully! xx

  2. Oh, those snow photos look like Christmas cards! I especially like the second one! Hope your sore throat feels better, soon.

  3. Your snow photographs are beautiful. I hope we get snow again this year. X


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