Wednesday, November 23, 2022

This and That

Ack. I had this post all written and accidentally deleted. Sigh. I can't even remember all I wrote now. It was quite a long post. Now it will be brief and highlights lol. I really need to remember to save. Just as I had deleted the post it did an automatic save. Grrr. Story of my life. 

Felt queasy this morning. Feeling so-so. Not sure I will go to Thanksgiving tomorrow. I really don't want to get anyone else sick. 

Daughter has Covid. Not feeling the greatest. She does work from home so managed to do that and, because of the Thanksgiving holiday, has the next four days off so hopefully she'll be able to get some rest. Not-so-good for her husband's family - his Dad was in an accident and has fractured two ribs and his sternum. He is home from the hospital but OUCH!

Day 327

Was a peaceful and quiet start to the day. 


  1. How very frustrating for you. I do hope both you and your daughter feel loads better soon.
    Regarding the deleting - I have a 'back' arrow on my 'working page' (whatever it's called) and if I accidentally delete - which I do sometimes - I just use the back arrow to get it all back again.
    If you can do that, I know it won't help this time but it might in the future.
    Take care and rest as much as you need. xx

  2. Sharon, I hope your daughter recovers quickly without any side effects. Sorry to hear about her FIL's accident! Hope he heals quickly. Hope you feel better soon, too. Take care.

  3. There seems to be lots of sickness bugs going around here too, must be because we all stayed at home for so long.
    Hope you and your daughter and her FiL are all soon much better!

  4. Hope you get through whatever you have soon, I seem to have the same thing. Runny nose, generally feeling rough and sorry for myself. Don't think it is covid, no sore throat and I haven't lost my sense of smell. But like you I am keeping away from folks as I don't want to spread it. So far my dear husband has avoided it. Hope your daughter recovers quickly too and her father in law isn't suffering too badly. Broken ribs are horribly painful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Sorry to hear that you a still feeling unwell and also that your daughter has Covid. I hope you both feel better soon.

    Day 327 photo is beautiful!

  6. I hope you're all feeling much better soon.
    Happy Thanksgiving. X


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