Wednesday, November 16, 2022


Ack. Meant to post yesterday but I've been coming down with some sort of bug - sore throat, stuffed up nose, body aches for a couple of days and I think I'm in the middle of it. I don't have a lot of energy and by the end of the day I'm just counting the minutes until bedtime. I did take a Covid test today and it's negative so it must just be one of the many other things going around. 

It's been cold and snowy on-and-off here. I managed a walk yesterday and today but we're under a Winter Storm Warning for the next couple of days and it might just be the excuse I need to stay home and rest. I actually feel quite weird if I don't go for a walk each day and I've been forcing myself to go out though I'm sure it doesn't do me much good when feeling as I am. 

Anyway, hopefully I'll feel a bit better tomorrow.

Day 319 (Tuesday)

Yesterday there was a 'slight' chance of snow showers when I was out walking. It didn't stop. Pretty view at the stream. 

Day 320

It didn't snow while I was walking this morning, instead it was slightly misty and we must have had a bit of ice overnight as there was some ice clinging to plants. I just liked this view - it made me smile. 


  1. How absolutely beautiful. It must make your heart ache sometimes, it is so lovely.
    Good luck with the snow and I think staying in and resting up is a very good idea. xx

  2. Oh, wow, it looks so pretty with the snow! Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit under the weather - take it easy and rest; hope you'll feel better, soon.


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