Saturday, November 12, 2022


No walk this morning. It was cold and dreary and drizzly. It's a little snowy now, but too dark to take a photo. The snow has settled on the bird table and grass but hopefully it won't stick around for long. It is a lot colder though. The heat has clicked on several times today and I've been glad of it. 

Husband and I ran a couple of errands this morning. We stopped into The Dollar Tree to pick up some snacks. I had a little look around and picked up a couple of items. The mug is my Day 316 Things That Make Me Smile. Nothing in The Dollar Tree is a dollar any more, it is all 1.25 but I didn't think it was too bad. 

We stopped in another shop and had a look around. I didn't buy anything fun there, but I did see this ornament. I just didn't want to spend $10 on it. 

Do you see a theme here? Lol. 

I forgot to show this yesterday. I stopped in a charity shop and found this book that I thought looked to be an interesting read. I'm not sure it will hang around my bookshelf for long, but should be interesting especially as both Chipmunks and Beavers are things I love to watch. It was one book with two different sides. 

It was only a dollar. 

We are off out tomorrow if only for a little drive. I hope the snow is around just for a little while so I could get a couple of photos to show! 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. I heard on the news today that the temperature in the Midwest was dipping down. Stay warm and cozy!
    One of my friends said that everything was $1.25 at the Dollar Tree, now! The mug and the oven mitt are cute! They made me smile, too. Yes, looks like you have a theme going on! LOL. The little book about the baby animals is cute, too.
    Hope you have a fun drive, tomorrow. :)

    1. The temperature drop was a shock! Yes, everything is 1.25 now. I just watch what I buy there. You can get deals, but sometimes it's not worth going there.

  2. Those gnome-y things made me smile. Very cute.
    I hope you do get some snowy photos - I love them.
    Have a great day. xx

    1. Thanks! They make me smile too - and yes, we did get snow!

  3. I have a sister that loves her gnomes too.

  4. I like the gnomes, especially the ornament though I agree that $10 is expensive for what it is. I hope the snow doesn't settle and you have a reprieve from all the white stuff for a little longer x

    1. I was a little disappointed it was so much money. I just couldn't justify spending it for an ornament. It was fun to look around though!


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