Friday, November 4, 2022


Touch Wood - the Internet seems to be working better. I did reset everything Thursday morning and seemed a little better. Last night husband unhooked the modem and took it back to our internet provider. When he had cancelled the television stations the person said we had an old modem and we could bring it back and they would replace it with a newer model. They never made it sound urgent. After that visit they even sent something telling me we had been 'given' faster internet speeds. Husband decided to take it in as he had an early finish and we thought this might help. They gave him a new one and said they could now up our speed as the old modem couldn't handle it. Sigh. Would have been nice to know that!

It's been a bit of a blah week. Been feeling blah. A bit teary. Sometimes anything seems to set me off. 

There was some really sad news this week for one of husband's work friends. He and this work friend, K, were supposed to be going overnight to do a job on Tuesday. They were about two and a half hours away when K got a phone call from his wife saying she had been in an accident. She was stopped waiting to turn and a car ran into the back of her full speed (about 60mph) no braking or anything. Their six-month-old son was in the car. Husband and K drove straight back to town. The baby was at one hospital and wife was at another. K went to the hospital baby was at. Husband heard later in the day that their baby died. We heard later that the driver was drunk, at 7am in the morning and had no licence. Obviously, they are devastated. I have only met K a couple of times in passing. His wife used to work with husband at the husband's work and her mother also works at the same place. 

It just seems so needless and difficult to understand. I can't begin to imagine the pain they must be feeling. 

Day 307 (Thursday)

Turning over a new page on the calendar

Day 308 (today)

Just love the orange and red of these berries. 

Back again tomorrow!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's work friend and his wife losing their baby in that accident! What a tragedy.
    Glad your internet is working better with the new modem. Sorry to hear that it's been one of those weeks when everything was blah. Hope next week will be better. Lovely colorful berries!

    1. Thanks so much. I'm not sure why I feel so weepy. I just can't imagine their loss. I know how hard it has been coping with Mum's death. I just can't imagine that kind of loss and how you recover from it.

  2. Oh that is so sad! How terrible 7 am! Drunk drivers....I suppose that driver was "fine." How it usually goes. I know several people killed by drunk drivers - we don't even partake in any alcohol - by choice. Have a good weekend - hope this speeds up your internet. We have terrible internet and T.V. - Frontier.

    1. Yes, he was. It always seems to be that way. I have a drink or two but I never drive after drinking any alcohol at all. I am really strict about it.

      We have Spectrum. Useless. Sigh. There isn't a lot of options in our area.

  3. That's awful news about K's baby. Is his wife expected to recover from her injuries? I do hope so.

    I love the hedgehog on your calendar!

    1. She is going to be okay - at least physically. She will have to have pins in her elbow. Husband says that she and her husband are dealing with it so very differently that he hopes it doesn't tear them apart.


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