Friday, November 25, 2022

Thank You

Thanks for all the well wishes for both daughter and myself.

I am feeling a bit better. Still have stuffy nose, but I'm feeling much better in myself. I actually seem to have some energy back! Daughter is still feeling really rough. Her throat is the worst. A family member did drop off some Thanksgiving food to them yesterday, but she was unable to eat a lot as it hurt her throat just to swallow. I feel so helpless. It's horrible being so far away, but even if I was closer there isn't a lot, I'd be able to do. I keep sending her messages hoping they help just a little bit. I really wanted my Mum when I wasn't feeling well, just a word or a cyber hug or something, so I'm trying to make my daughter at least know that I'm thinking of her. 

I did go over to MIL's for Thanksgiving yesterday. The other person who was supposed to go called saying they were sick and wouldn't be attending. MIL was okay with me going. I doubt I am contagious anymore as I've had it for a while and am on the mend now. 

Today husband and I went out to the lakeshore, just for a little while. The weather isn't supposed to be great on Sunday, so I thought if we went today at least we got out for a bit. Tomorrow husband, older son and me are going to do a little shopping in a nearby larger town. We don't go there often, and husband and son have a couple of places they would like to go and look at (shops that aren't in our town). I thought it would make a nice change. 

It was a hard choice for the Thing That Make Me Smile, Phone Photos (Day 328)


This funky tree at MIL's. Not quite sure what is going on with it. Dare to be Different. Lol. 


the wonderful Apple Pie my MIL made. I think I have to go with the pie. It was delicious. MIL makes the best pies!

Today at the lakeshore a couple of things made me smile 

Patterns in the sand

More patterns and shadows. 

Both were lovely. The beach walk was fun. But what made me laugh-out-loud today was this beer that we saw in the shop we went to. 

The name made me laugh - Fluffer. Nutter Peanut Butter Marshmallow Stout. 

And then I went yuck! Not sure that even remotely sounds good lol


  1. It's funny how we all want our mothers when we are ill, isn't it? I hope that both you and your daughter feel better, soon.

  2. Lovely photos of the shadows and sand.
    What a very strange mix of flavours in that can of drink - wonder who came up with that idea?

    1. Those shadows and lines just caught my eye.
      There are some weird flavours out there. Yuck

  3. Those ripple patterns in the sand always make me smile as well. Xx


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