Sunday, November 6, 2022

Thanks! Sunday Adventures

 ...for all the anniversary wishes. 

We had a day out today. Another Sunday Adventure. It was a little windy, but nice and sunny. Can't complain about that! We went to the beach and took a little walk, watched the waves at one beach and at another watched the surfers enjoying the waves on the lake. 

Here's a little video of the beach. The waves yesterday, later in the day, were huge (I watched them on the webcam) but we couldn't go due to other things.


And a couple of photos - a walk down to another beach

Day 310 - this view made me smile. These fences were put up not too many weeks ago, but due to the wind some of them are almost buried already!

After we got home I boxed up a couple of Ebay auctions, did a little crafting and did a bit of relaxing. I did also take a better photo of a card I made. Christmas is creeping up quickly!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! Love that card you made!

  2. Good crashing waves there - I need a trip to see the sea - but it keeps raining.

    1. I love going to the lakeshore and on wavy days it reminds me of the sea.

  3. The video even "sounds" cold...ahaha. I've seen people surf Lake Michigan too on the WI side - crazy. Some days, I'm sure the waves are worth the try. Happy Monday.

    1. I've seen them do it in winter. So crazy. I can't imagine being that cold.


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