Saturday, November 19, 2022

Just Quick Check In - Feeling ick

Yesterday wasn't a good day. There was lots of snow so I didn't go for a walk, but I doubt I would have been able to go far anyway. Everytime I moved I felt sick. I think it's because my head is all stuffed up and it threw off my balance or something. My head was hurting too. I got most of the daily stuff done, but other than that I cuddled underneath my blanket and barely moved. At least I didn't feel sick that way! A part of me feels that the day was wasted as I could have done some crafty stuff, but I really felt awful. I went to bed early.

More snow overnight. The feeling-like-I'd-throw-up thing had gone away by the time I woke up this morning. I'm still stuffy, can't breathe properly and nose running too. I felt guilty for not walking yesterday (silly, I know) so husband took me out and I walked a little bit in knee deep snow. I didn't manage long. Most of the day has been spent sitting in my chair again. My nose is redder than Rudolph's and even the 'really soft-with-lotion' tissues feel like sandpiper. Sigh. 

More snow this afternoon. It's supposed to stop by morning. The Winter Warning will be over and temperatures should be rising next week. I hope so. Depending on how much snow we get we might go for a drive. Not sure there will be any walking.

Hopefully, I'll feel a little better by morning. I'll check in on blogs tomorrow. 

Day 322 (Friday) Things That Make Me Smile - Phone Photos 

Thankful that I could stay inside and didn't have to go out. Husband had to drive out of town - four hours away for work. Thankful he managed to not slide off the road and made it home safely.

Day 323 (Today)

A nice view. 


  1. Wow! A real winter wonderland with all that snow! I really admire you for going out for a walk when you are not feeling 100%. I'd be curled up in bed or on the sofa with a blanket and a hot drink!

  2. Whatever you have sounds most unpleasant and I'm very glad you have woken feeling just a bit better. Forget the walk and concentrate of continuing to get better.
    The snow looks beautiful but so, so cold. xx

  3. Whatever it is you've got, it sounds horrible. Hope you feel loads better today

  4. Sorry to hear are feeling poorly and hope you feel better soon. Love your snow photos! xx


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