Monday, December 27, 2021

Another Day - books

Eileen - daughter isn't quite sure when she is going home. She has to work on Thursday but brought her work computer with her. She will probably go back after the weekend. I'm really appreciative that her new husband is so supportive of her spending time with me. He knew how tough this year has been for all of us. I know it's not easy to be away from your family in tough times and I'm glad he understands that too. He is such a great guy!

What a horrible dreary day! It started with all kinds of weather - snow, ice, rain and thunderstorms! Sadly there was no sun to follow. It was drizzly, dreary and foggy most of the day. The thunderstorms actually woke me up!

I went for a quick walk before daughter really got moving today. My oldest son is home from work on holiday this week and he was nice enough to look after the dogs while daughter and I went out and had a little look around. We didn't find a lot. I did splurge on some new books. The bookshop had a really good deal on hardcover books. I got some money for Christmas so treated myself. 

One of the books I got was this one. It's quite interesting and has been on my wish list for a while. I am looking forward to reading it. 

Speaking of books I completed my challege of 100 books in 2021! I was sure I wasn't going to complete the challenge. I didn't keep track of a lot of what I read so I'm glad to be have recorded as many books as I did. I am going to participate in the challenge again next year. I like having the books I've read recorded somewhere and Goodreads is really easy to do. 


You have read 108 books of your goal of 100!
108/100 (108%)


I think tonight will be an early night. I am quite tired and am having trouble keeping my eyes open!


  1. Well done on reading even more books than you had planned to!

    1. Thanks! I love reading and doing the challenge helps me keep track of things.

  2. Well done for completing the 100 books challenge. With the busy year you have had, that's a real achievement.

    How lovely that your daughter can stay for a while more. Very loving and very thoughtful of both of them.

    1. Reading has been another escape for me this year.
      I'm glad she's able to stay. She's going to stay at least through the New Year. I usually spend New Year's Eve with Mum, seeing in the new year, listening to Big Ben. I think she knows how tough that is going to be for me. She's so thoughtful!

  3. I like the idea of the book tracker and will look into it. I'm currently pouring over my gardening books choosing which salads to grow this coming season.

    1. Oh exiting! I am thinking of planting a garden, but still not sure what to do about the deer...or the rabbits lol

  4. It's so thoughtful of your daughter and her husband to make the effort for your daughter to spend this Christmas with you, and for such a nice long time. I'm sure both of you will benefit from it.

    Congratulations on achieving your Goodreads target. Hope 2022 is as good for you.

    1. I hope 2022 is good. It can't be worse, right? I hope not. I'm so thankful for daughter these last few months. She has been really thoughtful and strong for me.

  5. Wow,that is quite an accomplishment!


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