Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Happy Solstice!

 I almost titled this Monday, Monday... and then remembered that it is, in fact, Tuesday lol. Anyway, Happy Solstice! I was at the local lake just before sunrise this morning and watching the moon fall on one side of the lake and the sun rise on the other. It was quite cold and for a while there was no one else around. It was just magical. I always like this day as it means the days will finally get longer again. My Mum always laughed and said that it would be quite a while before that happened! It seems such a long way until Spring. We haven't got to the really cold days yet. 

This is one of my phone photos of the moon over the lake, it was reflected in the water below. I think I got better photos with my camera but I will have to check them and I just haven't got around to it yet. 

After my walk I picked up MIL and we went to a couple of craft shops. I am pleased to say I bought nothing! MIL picked up a couple of items she needed for a project and then we had a look around at the Christmas items. 

There were quite a few ornaments, statues and things left. Nothing I really needed or honestly wanted, but it was fun to look!

I came home, did the wash from our trip - lots of dog hair lol - and then I actually did a little wrapping! I am behind.

Tomorrow will be five months since Mum died. I've been feeling a knot in my stomach for days. I still miss her so much. Especially at this time of year when everything is about family and a huge, important part of mine is gone. I missed making the calendar for her this year.  It's the first time I haven't done it in twenty plus years. I would always be panicking in case I didn't have it done in time and Mum would always smile or laugh as she knows how I leave things until the last minute. It was always there by the new year though. She would have it up on the wall in her living room and my sisters would always look at the new photos when they came to visit. Sigh. I know my middle sister is having a tough time. Mum would always go over to sister's for Christmas Day and to spend the night. In the morning my BIL would take her to my other sister's. Last year Mum spent both Christmas and Boxing Day with sister. I think we're all struggling with the holidays this year. 

Well, I'm off to bed before I start crying. I can hear the wind howling around outside, so yet another windy night. I hope the power stays on and there are no downed trees. 


  1. Such a beautiful picture! Love the reflection of the moon! Good for you not buying anything when you were out looking at the items in the store! This Christmas will be hard for you and your sisters, I'm sure. (((HUGS)))

  2. Sending {{hugs}}. You're still in the year of 'firsts' and it's hard to celebrate your first Christmas without your mum. The same for your sisters. Think of you all and sending positive thoughts xx

  3. My heart is aching for you as I read this post Sharon. But please remember that your mum is there in your heart so not really gone at all.

  4. I remember the posts about "what pictures to share in the calendar" and the last minutes...ahaha...I totally get that! On Tuesday, we were driving early in the morning to "town." The sun was already up, glorious orange, pink show. While driving the moon was still up on the horizon...I never thought about it being the Winter Solstic until I just read your post. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.


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