Tuesday, February 27, 2024


The days seem to be passing in a blur! The weather here is up and down. The weekend we had glorious weather, today we were back to cold, wind and snow showers! I only have a few days left here in Minnesota so I am trying to get in as many baby cuddles as I can. Baby A is growing quite quickly. She is now eight weeks old. When she came home, she was so small. She was in newborn clothes and even those seemed a little big. This week she has 'graduated' into 3-6 month clothes! Daughter is already sorting through the outfits packing away the smaller ones to hopefully sell in a garage sale later in the summer. We had to take the newborn insert out of the car seat as it was only up to eleven pounds, and she weighs more than that now! It's amazing how quickly they grow!

She seems to be doing a bit better with the sleeping. Not a lot, but better than it was. The wind/gas is still an issue, but we've found that moving her legs a lot helps express the wind/gas. Poor girl. Hopefully, as she gets a little older things will settle down. 

Both the last two Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile have been photos of granddaughter. She really does keep the smiles coming! I love taking photos of her and have lots to keep me going until the next time I will see her again. 

Her little hand. She's got quite the grip now! She is so funny as she hates having them covered up. It's still pretty chilly at night here in Minnesota so she has the cuffs turned over on her jammies but she always manages to wriggle a little finger or two loose! 

Hope everyone is having a good week! Can you believe it's almost the end of February? 


  1. What a cute photo, bless her. They really don't stay new baby for long, do they? xx

  2. It's lovely to see babies unfolding into little people. Each milestone is celebrated.

  3. Wow! She's growing so fast! Such perfect little fingers and how funny that she likes to keep her hands uncovered! Oh, but you are going to miss her when you go back!

  4. Yes, they grow too fast. I'm am so happy for you that you were able to share in the first weeks of her life. Priceless!


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