Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I did actually bake/make some goodies this year. I was in charge of desserts. I really enjoy baking but I don't do it that often as we don't eat a lot of it any more.

Oreo balls. These are so yummy and really easy to make! They look pretty good too.

Sausage Rolls. I did cheat and buy the pastry. I do usually make my own, but didn't want to stress myself out so I cheated!

Snickerdoodles. The name of this cookie just makes me giggle. It's my middle son's favourite and really easy to make!

Chocolate Chip - crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Delicious!

Shortbread Jam Thumbprints. Another family favourite. They have a hint of almond in them. I also made a Twinkie Dessert but didn't take a picture. It has bananas, pineapple, vanilla pudding, whipped topping and Twinkies. I love making the cookies as they don't cost a lot and most of the stuff I have on hand.


  1. They all look so delicious! I'm sure everyone enjoyed your baking! I am tempted to bake some sausage rolls, now!

  2. They look amazing! You are obviously a good cook. I hope your back is feeling better. x


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