Friday, December 23, 2016

Week in Review - Five on Friday

No great post this Friday (ha ha) but I am going to link up with Amy over at Love Made My Home for another Five on Friday. I'm just going to post five things from my week.

A CAR!! - I have wheels again. I am SO excited. My dear daughter has been 'borrowing' one car, my son 'borrowing' the other car and I have been without a car for a over a year. It isn't so easy over here in small town America without a car. There is limited (really terrible) buses and nothing else. Shops are all mostly away from one another. Daughter has purchased a new-to-her car that has four wheel drive (better in the snow!) so I have my dear old car back again. I know it was a choice we made to lend the cars to the 'kids' but they needed them to get to their jobs and get on their feet. Since I stopped working I didn't really 'need' a car.

READING - Do I need any more books? Nope. I did however have some on hold at the library that seemed to come up at once and I actually have a car to go pick them up! Now all I need is the time to read them.

EATS - lot of goodies around at this time of the year. One of our family favourite sweets is this great Perfect Peppermint Patties recipe. The trick to these is keeping the actual patty really cold.

Lots of other goodies in the works and I will try to take pictures and share in another post.

MAKES - I always end up deciding to make 'just one more thing'. Last year it was an album for MIL & FIL of our trip to Washington. This year it's a mini album for daughter of her first year with Shasta, her rescue husky. I haven't quite finished it - that's how crazy I am - just embellishments to go. They arrived today so will work on in the morning.

And lastly I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season whatever holiday you celebrate. I have really enjoyed meeting new people in blogland this year. I've 'discovered' lots of new blogs and feel that when I visit I'm visiting with a friend. It's been a truly interesting and inspiring year. Thank you all who visit with me. Also want to thank Amy who has kept Five on Friday going despite tough times in her life.


  1. Oh how I know that, all is far away in little towns and a life without a car... - congrats that you got it back :-)
    Janet Evanovich is on my reading list too, I had such a lot of fun with my first book of her.
    Merry Christmas from Germany

  2. Enjoyed your Five on Friday post ... sometimes those inspiration moments must needs be followed up. That little book for your daughter with her new dog will be quite special.

    Happy Christmas... Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your 'footprint' in my comment box.


  3. Good that you have your car back ! Where I live it is impossible to do any shopping without a car there is nothing here around but houses !

  4. Lovely five. Good to have your car back again. The album will be much appreciated I'm sure. Enjoy reading all those books and have a Merry Christmas:)

  5. How exciting to be mobile again! I'm sure your daughter will love her album. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful festive season.

  6. I always have a lot of respect for your 'makes' and I love seeing your photos.

    I'm glad you have access to a car. I live in urban Leeds, so loads of buses, but I know what its like to have to work a whole day around getting to the shops so the car must be a huge relief. Have fun getting to books! x

  7. Having visited Michigan in the summer I understand your need for a car to get anywhere! so that's a bonus to have your four wheels back again!
    I spy Mary Berry in your books & love her recipes & watching her bake on
    The photo album is a great gift for your daughter & Shasta is a beautiful dog!
    Glad to have 'met' you through blogging!
    Happy Christmas!

  8. Glad you have your car back!

    The little album looks lovely. I'm sure your daughter will appreciate it.

    I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  9. Glad you have wheels back. It's amazing what we do for our children :). Hope you have a lovely holiday reading all those books :) B x

  10. Boy, are we behind the times here in southwest Missouri. I checked our library for Cat Got Your Diamonds and the copy was just ordered four days ago. Cooking is "under consideration".

    I couldn't read the Cat Sitter title in full, but searching the library catalog, I found Blaize Clement has written a lot of Cat Sitter books.

    Thanks for the info. Always looking for a new kitty author, and I'd never heard of either of these. My other passion is cookbooks, so will look for Mary Berry's book online.

    Wishing you a perfect 2017.


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