Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

It's all coming together now. Today I'm baking cookies and finishing up the little wrapping I have left to do. Sausage rolls, breads and sweets already made. A feeling of calm is coming over me. I have done what is done and that is it. I am looking forward to Skyping with Mum today and spending time with my kids and family tomorrow.

Last night daughter persuaded me to go with her downtown to look at the lights in the park. It was cold and rainy but we did go. We weren't the only ones! It was nice to see families with kids walking looking at the lights.

Shasta came with us. She enjoyed the attention.

My first trip to America when hubby and I first got married was at Christmastime. My new MIL & FIL took us to this park. At the time there was a horse and cart taking trips around the park. That is gone now, replaced with this...

...the Holly Jolly Trolley!

Happy Christmas to all!


  1. The park looks very festive! Glad you and your daughter were able to go.

    Wish you a very happy Christmas.

  2. I love your pictures. The lights are gorgeous and that Holly Jolly Trolly looks so much fun. x


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