Thursday, December 8, 2016

Really? Today? Snow. Dentist.

I had to go to the dentist today so of course it had to snow. It couldn't wait until tomorrow. It couldn't have done it earlier in the week. Nope. Had to be today. Winter Storm Warning - maybe a foot of snow by tomorrow night (but usually weather men wrong). It's on days like this that I really miss public transportation. Mum complains about the buses in Ipswich sometimes, but at least there are some! I hate the dentist and I hate the snow. Together and my anxiety level is really high.

Hubby was nice enough to take a couple of hours off work and drive me there. I had my cleaning and check-up. Not happy. I brush, floss, mouthwash and still I can never seem to have a break from work needing to be done. Hubby brushes teeth, that's it, but rarely has to have anything done. I need to have a crown and two fillings. My insurance runs out at the end of the month so they are trying to fit me in so I can use up the benefits I have left. It's still going to cost a fortune - but less of a fortune than if I didn't have insurance.

While there I asked about their ideas for purchasing insurance. Girl said it was barely worth it. Better just to save your pennies and hope you don't have to have a lot done. I do have a no-interest-if-paid-within-certain-time medical credit card so I'll probably use that for the outstanding amount.

Sometimes I just wish I had false teeth.


  1. I had a dental appointment last week. I drove the car into a brick wall in the morning! Cost me £400. You have my sympathy.

  2. I totally feel your pain in terms of the work and the money, dental work here costs a fortune and we cannot get an NHS dentist, I am currently having an insurance dispute about the work I needed this year. Anyway, I hope that all will go well for you and that you will get it all sorted soon and that all will go well with no more snow. I know how you feel and wish you well and am sending you a hug!

  3. I'm not a fan of the dentist, but suppose it must be done. Hope the weather isnt as bad as predicted this evening xx

  4. Glad your husband was able to drive you to the dentist's. Sorry to hear you have to have some work done. Not fun. Hope it didn't snow too much!

  5. I'm not sure which is more painful - the treatment or the bills! Sending hugs. x


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