Saturday, December 17, 2016

More of the same Saturday

Still snowy. Still cold. This is the last of the three ex-Christmas trees we have planted around our house, this one in the front garden.

You can see the snowy road out front. Luckily it is a little warmer today (-3C) so salt does work on the roads. Salt trucks came through up the hill earlier and the road now is looking a lot better - you can actually see wet patches and not just snow and ice!

Hubby went out and put some salt around and some of the icicles are melting a little. The temp is supposed to be back down to -12C tomorrow so I'm sure there will be more of them.

My plan for the rest of the day is to wrap what I picked up this morning and what was delivered yesterday and then sit snuggly wrapped in my blanket, watch a little Midsomer Murders and knit.


  1. It looks beautiful, but so cold! Brr! Good plans for the rest of your day! Maybe a nice hot drink, as well?

  2. Great plans, I like the sound of them a hot drink and crafting, what could be better?

  3. You do beautiful pictures, but I don't envy your temperatures! x


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