Sunday, December 4, 2016


We're moving daughter this weekend. First stage. This is the easy part. It's only a 75 mile move. Hubby and I went up yesterday, did some shopping and whatnot and brought home a mini-van load of boxes. Today hubby, FIL and oldest son have borrowed truck and trailer from work and will move the rest of the stuff. Daughter will be staying with friends for a couple of days while she cleans up the apartment and then moves down here. Phew. Part one almost done!

My contribution yesterday while daughter and hubby loaded up van was to take the dog for a walk. The trails near daughter are lovely - I will miss them!

Mostly bare now. Leaves cover the ground.

Looks like someone dumped their pumpkin out in the woods - a spot of colour in a dull clump.

I didn't cross on the logs - I don't think anyone does! There is a perfectly stable bridge a little further down.

Shasta came along quite happily. I think she knows something is going on as she seems to be moping a bit. It will be another big change for her. She's a rescue dog so she's had a lot to deal with over her life.

We couldn't leave Lansing without stopping at our favourite restaurant there - Deluca's. It's a family owned place. I couldn't resist one last order of cheesy breadsticks.

Hope everyone has a happy Sunday!


  1. Those are the cheesiest breadsticks I have ever seen. Hope all with the move goes well.

  2. I always love seeing your pictures. Crazy, but the pictures remind me of some places near where I lived as a kid on the Wirral. Thank you for that lovely memory. I hope the move goes smoothly. x

  3. Lovely crisp wintery walk photos - I can see why you will miss them. Hopefully Shasta will settle and there will be lots of new walks once everyone find their feet after move.

  4. Lovely pictures! Hope Shasta will adjust to the move without any problems.

    1. She's a little bit sad. They have been at the bare apartment the past couple days to clean things up and apparently Shasta hasn't liked my daughter being away from her at all. Hoping will settle when move in here.


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