Thursday, December 29, 2016

Icy walk

Most of the snow has melted, but as there was so much of it and where people walked it packed down, it has now all turned into ice. I would prefer walking in the snow. It is certainly easier!

The beach looked wild and icy. Nothing like it does in the summer.

Chunks of ice on the beach

You can see where the ice and snow was on the beach and how it melted to create a hole.

We couldn't walk up to the lighthouse as the walkway was covered with ice!

We travelled down the lakeshore to another lighthouse.

I think our next visit to one will be when/if the lake ices over. It was icy on this walkway but underneath the rails was quite clear and we stepped along gingerly. It was really cold, but beautiful in its own way. Another reminder that there is beauty to be seen in winter.


  1. I always love your photos. The one with icicles hanging from the rails is my favourite x

    1. Thank you! I enjoy taking them. I really want to know more about my camera and how to take certain shots.

      The icicles were really cool. It was really windy when we were there and some of them were flying off. They hit the ground and shattered like ice. Sadly I couldn't capture any of them - it always seemed to happen while I was looking at something else!

  2. Beautiful pictures Sharon....I love winter pictures with everything so stark with the vibrant colours of the lighthouses and the railings....simply gorgeous-x-

  3. Lovely pictures! It definitely looks cold!

  4. This photography is really good Sharon! The last picture in particular.


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