Friday, April 1, 2022

April 1st

 I was going to have something witty and funny to say or post, but no, same old thing I'm afraid. 

It snowed overnight. Sigh. Really? I think that someone, somewhere, is laughing at us. 

I went for a walk. It snowed while I was out walking. There were a couple of really brief clear moments, even a touch of a sunrise. 

I think this was as much sun as we got - until late afternoon just before sunset. This was my day 91/365 Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile. 

I liked this view too. I really am drawn to the winding path. 

Couple of goals for this month ;-

* more book decluttering. At least another 30 books. One for each day of the month. Hopefully there will be more. 

* bit of a garden spruce up. I don't have many decorative things in my garden, but there's a fair bit that can be cleaned up - if it ever stops being so wet. I would like to buy some container flowers when it warms up a little. 

* more crafting. Not just crafting but tidying the craft room. A cleaner space would be more productive. I miss crafting. 

* Kitchen cupboard/freezer sorting. I've been putting this off. I know there are expired items that need to be thrown out, but I feel a little guilty about it so have been putting it off. I need to just clean them out and go forward with a new mentality. Food is getting more expensive and I want to save money where I can. 

My Day 90/365 Phone Photo - Things That Make Me Smile 

Puddles. They made me smile. I should have jumped in one. It would have been fun. Oh well, maybe next time!


  1. Beware puddles! Remember what happened to the Vicar of Dibley!!!

    Oh, that snow - there can't be all that much more, surely?

  2. Lovely photos, Sharon. Hope the snow will melt soon. I like your April goals. Maybe I'll join you with the 30 book declutter!

  3. Puddles make me smile as well! Only the reflection in them are not how I feel...I like to still stomp in them...

  4. More snow! It's getting silly now isn't it. Good luck with your April goals. x

  5. Sending hugs. Crafting would be good. I don't know if you will find it the same, but I find that the more that I write, the more I get done elsewhere. A few thousand words and the kitchen is much improved. Perhaps crafting will help give you some fuel. Take care.


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