Tuesday, December 27, 2022

After Christmas

Well, another one over. It's been tough this year (again) getting into the Christmas mood. I was sad that daughter couldn't make it, but glad she stayed safely home. I would have worried no end as they were driving here. Luckily, husband was able to drive down and get son on Christmas Day. The roads were pretty lousy, but husband is used to driving on bad roads. Son does drive but his car isn't the greatest in snow (long distances) so it was safer for husband to go get him and take him home after. 

It was rather a quiet affair. I got some lovely photos and videos sent to me from Sister's Christmas. Her youngest grandson started walking on Christmas Day! It was lovely to see. 

We exchanged presents, went to MIL's to eat and then came back home. I chatted with daughter a couple of times. I got lots of goodies - enough chocolate to last until Easter ha ha and plenty of alcohol. Not sure what it says about me when I end up with about 6 bottles of things lol. I received some lovely nature books that I hope to share photos from in future posts as well as other goodies. I am feeling very thankful for all that I received. 

Day 359 (Sunday)

One of my gifts. Really makes me smile. 

Yesterday, Boxing Day, the weather had cleared a bit so we decided to take a trip to the lakeshore and check out the ice. Wow. That's all I can. We stopped at South Haven first. The winds had been pretty wild over the weekend and it showed!

These are some photos I took with my camera

From there we drove down to St Joesph lighthouse. Oh my. The roof on the lighthouse is usually red. It was covered in ice. 

Would have loved to stay out there longer taking photos but it was so cold!

Day 360 (Monday)

Of course, it has to be an ice photo. I had to take it with my phone. 

Eye-level icicles. Wow. Just Wow

Today it was back to normal. A walk and a little tidying up. This is always the in-between week. 

Day 361 

It was cold out today on my walk and oh-so-snowy! We stuck to the main paths. Most of the big lake was frozen, but this stream is sort of the run-off and water flows through it so it mostly stays unfrozen all winter. Good for the animals in the woods. It is really beautiful at this time of year, the sun glowing golden first thing in the morning. Made me smile. 


  1. I'm glad your son was able to be with you at Christmas even if your daughter couldn't make it. The little grandson walking for the first time on Christmas Day is a wonderful memory for all of you.

    The ice pictures are amazing, especially the icicles in the Monday one. xx

    1. Thank you. Yes, a little disappointing but as I said better safe than trying to travel in that mess

  2. Those I e on the lake pictures are stunning. It's cold, but can't deny the beauty. I too was a bit sad missing my two kids that are away, but just another week to see son, then daughter a few days later. My middle child, older daughter is in the UP now renting a cabin in a lake. I hope she gets some great pictures.

    1. I hope you have a lovely visit with your son. Wow, I wish I was up in the UP. I bet it is amazing. We will be taking a trip up there in February to see the ice. It gets to be fantastic. A cabin on the lake sounds wonderful. We stayed at the cabin near the Lake of the Clouds. Was a bit of a hike, but so isolated and really beautiful. I hope she has a lovely time.

  3. Stunning photos! I'm sorry your daughter couldn't make it down for Christmas. Maybe you can get together in the new year?

    1. Thanks. We are hoping to get together in March. Sounds like a long time off but we both have pretty harsh winters and it seems like a safer bet to wait until then. Sigh.

  4. Oh, my goodness. Look at that ice - it's incredible. I'm sorry your plans were a bit messed up but better safe than sorry.

    Know what you mean about the bottles - I swear mine breed when I'm not looking!! xx

  5. Just beautiful pictures. Yes, they do look cold.

  6. Oh wow. Your ice and snow photography is incredible. I'm glad you were able to enjoy a family Christmas even though your daughter wasn't able to join you. I hope 2023 is a good year for everyone.


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