Saturday, December 3, 2022

Saturday Adventure

As you might be able to tell from the title we went out for a bit today. Well, it ended up being longer than I thought so not much got checked off my list. I did manage to get some Ebay things photographed and listed. Not a lot else though. Tomorrow husband, son and FIL are going out in the morning so I shall be on my own. I'm not going for a walk, but I am going to photograph a sunrise (fingers crossed) and then I'm going to see if some birds are still where we saw them last weekend. I shall then stop at the shops and come home to (hopefully) check some more items off my list! 

Today we were out early. There was a gale warning in effect so, of course, we had to go to the lakeshore for photos! We ended up first going to Grand Haven, a little further away and not somewhere I'd drive by myself. Husband kept the car warm while I took photos. It was freezing again (yup, 32f/0C and wind chill even colder) so I didn't get my hands out of my double gloves to take many phone photos. I did take a couple of videos. I posted one to my Instagram and this is the other. I took lots of photos that I have yet to sort through. 

From there, we meandered our way down the lakeshore. Husband stopped at this little park. 

The sun had finally come out! 

While we were there we saw a lovely carpet of stones that had things written on them. There were up above the beach close to where a bench was. Some were memories, declarations of love and memorials of people. They were my 337 (Things That Make Me Smile) 

Husband left one as a memory for me and him being there and I left one for Mum. She so loved the sea. I know this is a lake, but the closest I can get and I always think of Mum when we're out for an adventure. 

From there we ended up further down the lakeshore. I got out and took a few photos. Husband got out there and walked the beach for a few minutes before the wind drove him back into the warmth of the car - where he nicely kept it warm for me! 

A lovely, if cold, day out. 

How's your weekend? 


  1. Sounds like a great Saturday outing! Love the idea of the rocks! Enjoyed your video, too - I think I've seen oceans that are calmer than that lake! LOL!

    1. It was a lovely day - cold, but lovely. It was really lovely to see all the rocks.

  2. Thanks for sharing that video, I can almost feel those winds

  3. It's good to spend time out if our normal comfort zones. Even in cold weather, I appreciate a good outing. The rock garden is a nice idea to save a memory.

    1. It's lovely to get out and see the waves. I like the beach in the winter rather than summer when it is groomed daily and not natural at all. I loved seeing the rocks. Made me smile!


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