Friday, December 16, 2022

Quick Check-in

Made it to Minnesota.  It was a snowy drive but luckily the roads weren't too bad.  There was actually some peeks of sunshine along the way.  In fact I saw more sunshine on the drive than I've seen all week.  Spending a relaxing night with daughter.  I did bring my computer with me so I'll try to dig it out tomorrow. It's just been a tiring day as we started out at 5am this morning. 

Snow out of daughter's back window

Lovely welcome from the two dogs. A little sad not to have Shasta greeting us. I miss her.

This is Koda

Day 350

These Legos made me smile.  They are made of chocolate. 


  1. Well done - have a lovely time.
    Chocolate lego? How amazing is that! xx

  2. Glad you arrived safely! Enjoy your visit with your daughter. :)

  3. The highway crew did an excellent job getting the main roads clear. I had no issues driving to and from Minneapolis. I'm glad your travels were safe. Beautiful dog.

  4. Koda is looking a bit suspicious! Shasta was a beautiful dog and I'm not surprised she is missed.

    Love the Lego chocolates!


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