Sunday, December 11, 2022


It was such a grey and dreary day here today. There was quite a thick, drizzly fog around when we woke up and got moving. It didn't clear up until almost mid-afternoon. Even then it was just grey. Horrible. 

We did go out and have a bit of a walk today. I didn't take many photos. I took a few with my phone. I also saw a couple of birds around and took photos with my big camera. It is duck hunting season here in Michigan and - sensibly - most of the birds were keeping out of the way. There were several boats out on Lake Michigan and every now and then we could hear shotguns going off. Husband says there are certain rules the duck hunters have to follow - something about the ducks being airborne and not shooting them while they are swimming. Poor ducks. 

As I said, rather grey, dreary and drizzly, so I looked for some other things to photograph. While walking along the pier (rather a concrete slab walkway lol) I caught sight of a reflection in the water pooled along there. I found it rather beautiful. 

Down below was one of my favourites - Day 345

This poor lighthouse could really use a coat of paint. The walkway has seen better days too. It really does get battered in the winter. The waves and ice reach halfway up the lighthouse. 

 When I came home I boxed up and printed off labels for the items I've sold over the weekend. I plan on taking them to the post office to drop off tomorrow.   This evening I've just been relaxing, watching some telly and playing around on the computer. 

Need to get moving tomorrow!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


  1. You took some lovely photos even if the day was grey and dreary. At least you went out and enjoyed a bit of a walk. :)

  2. Like you, I feel sorry for those poor ducks, just minding their own business when suddenly, bang and oblivion. Not good, is it. xx

  3. That poor lighthouse looks really battered. I do like your first photo where the full height of the lighthouse is reflected in the pools of water. xx

  4. I can't remember what we saw it in or on, but I saw that lighthouse in all your photos, I said to my husband "I know that lighthouse" your pictures of that should be on calendars.


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