Wednesday, December 28, 2022


Because of the holiday I feel really off on my days! I had to remind myself that it was Wednesday. 

I went for my walk this morning. It was bright and sunny. I got out early. It's our last dose of sunshine for a few days so I wanted to make the most of it. I saw a lovely sunrise. It was chilly out and the paths were still covered with snow. Asylum lake is covered with ice and there is no sign of the beavers. They are frozen in for now. Yesterday someone saw some ice fishermen out on the lake. Rather brave (or silly) of them. It hasn't been cold for long enough. 

When I got back home son (who has a week off work) drove me to the lakeshore to see the ice once more before it starts to melt - at least for this time. We are due a 'warm' spell - the temperatures will be rising over the next few days for a predicted high on Tuesday of 57f/14c. Wow, can you believe it?! It won't last long however as next Wednesday the temperature will drop back down to a high of 41c/6c and then down from there. It's Michigan afterall! 

The sun was beautiful today as was the ice. Lots of smiling today. 

A rare silhouette selfie of me taken in the car window, a lovely sunrise reflection. 

Day 362 - Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile

Pancake Ice. It is really amazing. 

If you have Instagram check out my page My Instagram and check out my stories for a video of the ice. I'll try to post it here within the next couple days. It made me quite dizzy to watch!

I came home and had to pack up some Ebay Items. I took a little break over the holidays. I don't have a shop but now individual sellers can put in for 'time away'. Before you would have to end all the listings and then re-list when you came back. This is so much easier! I have sold a few items since I'm not away anymore. I shall start listing more next week. I also have to condense items as I have sold quite a few. 

Tomorrow will be a quick walk, some housework and a little tidying. I must admit that I am being a little lazy with son home. I hope to remedy some of that tomorrow!

Night to all x


  1. Sounds like you are busy! Enjoy having your son home and take a little time to relax. Lovely photos, as always. :)

  2. I did see them on instagram. Pancake ice is cool. I took a little break from selling too. I obligated myself to a clearance sale tomorrow evening...guess, I'll go look for some stuff today....ahahaha

  3. It's scary to hear that the ice fishermen are on the lake this early. We've just had the tragedy of four young boys who died after falling through the ice on a frozen lake just before Christmas.

    The pancake ice is interesting. I've never seen anything like that before. xx


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