Saturday, December 10, 2022

Saturday Happenings

I didn't do too bad on the sleep last night. There were a couple of moments when I was awake. I had turned off the alarm so let myself doze for a while longer. Husband slept down in basement. Brrr... it's cold down there, but he didn't mind. He said he was going down there again tonight and then we'll see what happens tomorrow night lol. 

It was dull this morning. Just a bland, white sky. Really rather plain. We did go out for a drive to the lakeshore and a little walk along the beach. There weren't a lot of people around except for a few fishermen out on the pier. We talked to them briefly and they said that they hadn't had a lot of luck. 

Day 344

Still a bit of snow on the pier. I loved the lines made by the fisherman's little wagon thingy. 

It was so very peaceful, though cold. I wish there had been sunshine, but I suppose I will have to get used to the cloudy skies. We don't get a lot of sun in the winter. It does make you appreciate it more when it does come!

From the beach. Had to be careful where I walked as a ledge has suddenly appeared - due to the winds that came the other week. 

When we got home I did make sure I cleared up a pile of boxes that had gathered (to be sorted) by the front door. We usually use the back door. Not sure why lol. I found the gift I had lost (for the game at daughter's). So I wrapped the remaining ones of those up. 

Not a great productive day, but I did get some things checked off the list. I think I spent too much time taking photos and doing Ebay listings. Didn't get that many things up online, but it takes a while. I think I might give it a break tomorrow and concentrate on getting other things done - at least after our Sunday Adventure. 


  1. It does look peaceful and cold in the photos! Glad you found the missing gift and that penguin wrapping paper is very cute!

  2. UIs a ledge an ice sheet. If you, yes, do be careful. xx

  3. Good to hear you had a better night sleep even if it meant the snorer banished himself to the cold basement. I always sleep better in a cold room but it sounds like that wouldn't be your choice. Glad you found your missing present.

  4. I bring boxes home to sort too....I have a stack to do this morning. They sit in my entry and I hate it.


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