Monday, December 5, 2022

Start of Another Week

I feel as though today was pretty productive. 

I went for my walk this morning. By myself. My walking friend was due back today but she texted me yesterday and told me that she had a cough and a bit of laryngitis, so she was giving it a miss. I was okay with that. I didn't have a good night last night. I ended up on the sofa sleeping after about 45 minutes of being in bed. Husband was snoring again, I got him to move several times, but it didn't help so I got up and ended up on the sofa. I feel bad as he has to get up in the morning and go to work. I use earplugs but just lately he's been snoring so loudly I can hear right through them! Sigh. 

I came back and tackled several things on my list. I shall work on more tomorrow. Things are looking a little better in the house. I'm glad. I listed more items on Ebay and have more to package up and get out in the post. I have started a list of things I need to get to complete a couple of gifts. I am hoping to get out and get them tomorrow. 

I saw another lovely sunrise this morning. Day 339

The sun actually rises at my back where I'm standing, but this morning the colours spread across the sky. It really was lovely. 


  1. Sounds like a good start to the week, Sharon. :)

  2. I sometimes sleep on the couch too - more in past several years. The other night I got up to use the bathroom on the main floor. Our bedroom is on second floor and could still hear my husband snoring....ahahah


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