Friday, December 9, 2022

Quick Post and Catch-up Tomorrow

I'm behind on reading blogs. I'm behind on posting. The story of my life, it seems! 

The good thing is that I am getting things done. Perhaps not as much as I would like, but I am getting things done. 

Yesterday I went for a walk, came home, got things packed up, some more things listed. I did my Thursday chores. I chatted with daughter for a while. I felt as though it was a productive day. I ended up sleeping on the sofa again. Sigh. I was really tired, went into the bedroom to sleep, earplugs in ears, and could hear husband snoring through the earplugs. It wasn't at all inviting. I took my pillow, skipped the frustration of not being able to get him to stop snoring and went straight to the sofa. Definite reprieve tonight as husband is sleeping downstairs. 

Today I wasn't going to go for a walk, but when I looked out the back window, I couldn't help but smile. After days and days of clouds there was some colour in the sky!

Day 343 (today)

I did rush down to the lake and took some photos. The sun lasted for about 45 minutes before the clouds rolled in and that was the last of it. 

After that I got an early start on my chores - post office, some errands and home again. I was glad I made it out early. In the afternoon it started to snow. At first there was nothing. Middle son called from where he lives on the lakeshore and said they had quite a bit of snow. I said we had nothing. About half hour later it was coming down quite heavily. 

Hopefully I'll catch up on reading some blogs tomorrow. 

Oops - almost forgot my Day 342 (yesterday) pic

Nothing exciting, just my cheese salad I had last night. Something fresh to eat. It was actually quite tasty despite being out of season. I only wish I had some salad cream instead of ranch, but it was tasty all the same. Yum


  1. Beautiful photo of the morning sky! And look at all that snow! A perfect winter wonderland! The salad looks good, too. :)

    1. Thanks. It does look lovely out - at least when I don't have to drive in it.

  2. Do you have a spare bedroom you can use so you can get a better night's sleep? It doesn't sound (no pun intended) like the snoring issue is going to improve any time soon.

    I love your snow photos, especially the second one of the tree. xx

    1. The spare room is my craft room and it's not a very big room. As it is right now there isn't room for a bed. More of this though and I am tempted to pack up the craft stuff and set one up in there!

  3. Love the snow pictures. Cheese it


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