Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Not a Too Bad Day

It was a fairly productive day. Got all my chores done. Did not get all the shopping done. I do have to go out tomorrow. We are leaving to visit daughter for a long weekend on Friday and I want to get us some snacks as it is a long drive from here to Minnesota. I also want to fill the car up. The place I shop has cheaper petrol/gas. So, two birds, one stone lol. The shop I went to today did not have everything on my list and by the time I was finished there I had had enough of people and shops and shopping. Lol. 

I got everything wrapped that I have so far. Got the space cleared off for the tree. Husband got the tree up. 

Been a bit teary lately. Think it's the holidays, the happiness and the togetherness. I always feel a little down at this time of year as I always missed family especially at Christmas and Christmas in England is so different from here. Since Mum died though I feel it worse. It seems everyone is supposed to be happy. I know it's not like that for everyone. Just having a few tears. Mum seems to be on my mind a lot lately. 

Now that the tree is out I want to sort through (been putting it off) some of the things I brought back with me this year of Mum's. There are some ornaments in there and I'd like to put one on the tree. I have already put up one of Jane's. I'll take a proper photo tomorrow. It's a little bird feeder. 

Day 348

Husband surprised me with an ornament to put on the tree. Made me smile. I had looked at it while I was out shopping with him (not a usual thing - we rarely go shopping together) but he remembered. I didn't buy it at the time because I didn't want to pay the price for it. When he went back it was half off lol. 

Can you see a theme here? 


  1. (((HUGS))) Holidays are hard when loved ones are no longer with us to share the occasions. Hope you have a safe drive to visit your daughter and enjoy the time spent with her.

  2. I just posted Tuesday about my seasonal low, mine from too many self expectations. I hope you can soak in where you find joy. Safe travels to Minnesota, where I live in the state the weather is supposed to get dicey.

  3. Sending hugs to you. It's a difficult time of year and the absence of loved ones can hit hard. I hope you have a safe journey to your daughter's home and have a good time with her. Is she fully recovered from her bout of Covid now?

    I like the gnome tree ornament. xx

  4. Sending a gentle hug and hoping this comment will post. I've tried several times this past week to leave a comment. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy Minnesota. Xx

  5. Christmas seems to be a both happy and sad time for so many of us. As I get older I seem to like recalling the christmases i had growing up in the uk. Now parents are no longer alive these menories are bittersweet. Allow yourself the tears. Best wishes to you. I read here but dont comment much.


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