Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Ugh Winter Weather Blues

Happy Solstice! I am excited that the days will start getting longer. It's a long time until Spring - we still have the worst of the winter to go - but just the thought of longer days comforts me. 

Sad to say that daughter and son-in-law will not be coming to visit for Christmas. They have a Winter Storm Warning, and we have a Blizzard Warning. There are 600 miles in between us. It's the sensible thing to do but will miss having them here for Christmas. We're not sure what we will do yet for Christmas. Son lives right by the lakeshore and might not be able to get here and the other person MIL was having lives about an hour away to the north. We are hoping that the snow and wind won't be as bad as they are saying. Daughter has had snow today, ours starts late afternoon tomorrow. We shall see from there. 

Went for my walk this morning. I saw two beavers. I wonder whether they know that the bad weather is coming. I saw them a lot before the last bout of snow and they were around a lot today. Beautiful to see. One found a branch, went to some shallow water and sat there and munched. Was beautiful to watch. 

Sometimes they are a little shy and go under water as soon as they see someone watching. This one didn't seem to mind at all. You can see that he looked right at me as I was taking photos. 

After that I braved the shops. Not a good idea. Lol. Not only is it really close to Christmas, but the local news is going on and on about the snow and that makes people panic. I had to get things for Christmas - in case we do actually have it. Everyday food we have enough and always keep some extra things on hand. 

What's the plan for tomorrow? I shall go for a walk in the morning as things aren't supposed to start until the afternoon. Then I am coming home, cleaning house and finishing up getting things ready for Christmas. If there is a lot of snow on Friday I plan on reading, stitching or just watching tv - that's IF I have everything done. It's a good incentive to get things done!

Day 354 (Tuesday)

There was actually a lovely sunrise yesterday. It's that low winter sun that gives off a lot of yellow. 

Day 355 (Wednesday)

The calm before the storm. It's been cold enough that the lake is beginning to freeze. The beavers have been keeping holes open to pop up in. It's always funny to hear the ice breaking and see them pop through with ice on top of their heads. 


  1. Oh, Sharon, I'm sorry your daughter won't be joining you for Christmas. But, yes, a snow storm like the one they weather forecasters are predicting is not good for traveling any kind of distance.
    Lovely photos and that one of the beaver posing for you is wonderful!

    1. I'm sad but it's for the best. I'd rather she be safe. They have already closed lots of things. I think it is the wind that's going to be bad.

  2. How wonderful to see those beavers. If I don't get chance again can I wish you a vey happy Christmas

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you have a lovely Christmas

  3. Winter storms and heavy snow - definitely sound like a good idea not to travel far. Hope it doesn't hang around for too long

    1. It's supposed to be around until Saturday. Hopefully Sunday will be better. Here's hoping. Fingers crossed. Lol


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