Friday, December 30, 2022


It was raining when I woke this morning. Instead of going for a walk, I got out early, went to the Post Office, stopped at a shop to pick up a couple of things and headed home. Once home it had stopped raining so I decided to go for a quick walk. It's been quite warm the last few days and I was really surprised this morning on my walk to see that all the snow from last week had gone! I was a little saddened and a little angry. Why couldn't last weekend have been like this and daughter could have come for Christmas? I could have handled the snow this weekend. Sigh. There was only a little ice on the path. I didn't walk for long as it started to rain again. 

I only took a couple of photos, including these phone photos. The nice part of the walk was that there was still ice on Asylum Lake but it was warmed by the air and there was some fog about. 

I came home, did a couple of chores and then spent the afternoon working on a photography/photoshop challenge. I had signed up for a lovely free challenge by Janey Lazenby She offers these free challenges usually around holidays. I decided to really give this one a go. I don't know a lot about photoshop but she makes it a lot easier. I am behind on lessons but hope to do some more tomorrow (I've finished Day two and I've done both the bonus sessions). I shall share my image when it is finished. 

Day 364 Things That Make Me Smile Phone Photos

Not sure I'll do this challenge again next year. It's been fun but will be nice to take a break. 

I got quite a laugh out of this. Paczki Day here in America is February 16th this year. A little bit early ha ha 

Bonus phone photo of the day. After losing Shasta this year daughter has decided to foster huskies for a while. She applied with a rescue organisation, had an interview and home visit and got approved. She already has a rescue husky in the works! She and husband will pick up their foster dog on Monday. Her name will be Sakari. So there will be a new husky in the house! Hopefully she will find her Forever Home Soon!

I saw this at Walmart and had to snap a photo although it looks nothing like Sakari. She is a white husky rather like Koda (one of their other huskies)


  1. I'm so sorry the weather was so awful last weekend that your daughter had to cancel her visit and it is so pleasant this weekend when she is not visiting! It doesn't seem fair, does it?
    Still, I hope that you have a lovely New Year's Eve, tomorrow and wish you a very happy New Year.

  2. Weather can be highly annoying, I agree. Is your daughter able to come to yours soon?

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year. xx

  3. It was really foggy here Thursday evening. I love that picture. Yes, we have lost lots of snow. We now have lots of ice...ugh. Our Christmas with our children is today. I have lots of cooking to do and I love it!

  4. I love the first photo of the lake ... very atmospheric.

    It's a shame the weather didn't work out for your daughter to be able to come to you for Christmas. That's always the way isn't it, but at least you saw her a few days before and you know she is safe. Her husky fostering sounds interesting ... I think I'd find it difficult to avoid getting too attached to them.

  5. Love your top two photos. So evocative.


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